What on earth is cricket officialdom thinking?

It is fair to say that the ECB announcement of their intention to create an eight-team league to play 100-ball innings matches has created much more bewilderment and outrage than excitement. While those excited by the announcement have suggested it is a bold initiative, most others would suggest this a positive spin on a decision…

Podcast Episode 2.12 – Cape Town Shenanigans

What on earth is happening in South Africa? The Pinch Hitters podcast tries to get to the bottom of the bewildering news coming out of Cape Town. In brighter news, they look at what they learned, liked and disliked from Round 1 of the AFL.

Podcast Episode 2.11 – AFL Previews Continued

Another podcast fresh off the press. Listen in as we talk EPL, Australia’s Cricket tour of South Africa, Melbourne Victory and what lies ahead in 2018 for Geelong, Adelaide and Richmond.