Friday Flashback – Ray Allen and that Shot

This Flashback Friday we look back at ‘The Shot’, the iconic moment when Allen saved LeBron James’ Miami Heat from elimination from the 2013 NBA Finals.

With Game One of the NBA Finals tipping off today what better excuse do you need to take a look back at one of the most iconic moments in Finals History – ‘That Shot’.

Game Six of the 2013 NBA Finals saw the Miami Heat trailing the San Antonio Spurs 3-2, and facing the unpalatable scenario of their ‘Big 3’ losing a second NBA Finals Series in three years. After a see-sawing encounter the Spurs had gained a seemingly insurmountable advantage, leading 94-89 with only 28 seconds remaining.

NBA officials began their preparations for the Championship presentation to follow. These preparations mean that the Larry O’Brien Trophy now sits court side, both literally and figuratively within touching distance for the Spurs. Unwilling to watch the death throes, many Heat supporters have made their way to the exits, unaware that June 18 2013, was to reward those who stayed with a night to remember.

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