Podcast Episode 2.10 – AFL Season Previews Continued

With the AFL Season fast approaching our Season Previews continue with a look at the prospects for Port Adelaide, Sydney and GWS.


What Did we like?
(1.40) NRL Upsets
Knee Jerk Reaction
(5.32) Are Hawthorn the new Collingwood or are they a real chance of landing Tom Lynch, (9.35) Is Adam Cooney right that Tony Lockett wouldn’t get a kick in today’s AFL, (13.32) How on earth has the Australia v South Africa Tests become focussed on David Warners bandaged hands?, (15.20) Should ‘I was only trying to give a massive send off’ truly a viable defence?, (20.48) Should the Manager of Manchester United care more about the clubs rivalry with Liverpool?
AFL Previews
(25.09) Port Adelaide, (36.15) Sydney, (49.55) GWS.



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