Podcast Episode 2.11 – AFL Previews Continued

Another podcast fresh off the press. Listen in as we talk EPL, Australia’s Cricket tour of South Africa, Melbourne Victory and what lies ahead in 2018 for Geelong, Adelaide and Richmond.


What did we like?
(2.17)Melbourne Victory in the ACL
Knee Jerk Reaction
(4.22) What do we make of the Rabada Suspension, (7.02) Jose Mourinho – Master of Deflection at work again, (10.25) Does knowing the last minute Elim Final decision was wrong make Port Adelaide feel better, (15.46) What do we think about Besart Berisha’s tantrum?
Season Previews
(19.33) Geelong, (32.17) Adelaide, (43.06) Richmond.
Are you Interested?
(55.10) Andre the Giant, (57.55) The Front Bar, (59.05) Puffs – A Harry Potter inspired Musical.

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