Collingwood Commentary: New Year but same old story

Jai gives his Fan sided take on the Pies disappointing Round One result against Hawthorn. Is it a case of a new season but same old story for the Pies?

So, who else is over the footy?
Okay, that’s maybe a little premature but much of the Pies performance last night could’ve been backed with some Benny Hill music and called a comedy sketch. The end to end goal to Ben Reid in the opening minute looked promising and maybe 4 minutes in the last quarter. Though, besides some Sidebottom and the odd Treloar brilliance, it would be hard to have a highlights package.
You could throw in a bit of the new bloke, Jaidyn Stephenson, he seemed to fit in like he’s been around for years picking up 16 possessions, 5 contested. Sam Murray popped up 19 times with 74% efficiency and Crocker kicked a couple and missed a couple. There are a few things to look forward to there. Besides the odd passage of play, positives were few for Collingwood with even go-to players like Pendles missing shots on goal that my mum could have kicked. Maybe the fans should be used to that by now.
Mason Cox needs some new arms. The ones he has are useless. If he had marked maybe half of his twenty chances who knows what difference it may have made. He had his hands first on the ball plenty of times but not one stuck. Not one. Does he train? Maybe we could give him Darcy Moore’s arms? (But not haircut.)
Hawthorn fans will be happy with their start. Tom Mitchell is anywhere the ball is. I think I saw a passage of play in the second quarter where Mitchell handballed to Mitchell, who then kicked to Mitchell, who went inside 50 to set up another goal. It made the commentator’s job easier. A well-deserved breaking of a record or two. Maybe the Pies should put an opponent near him, not to pick him up, but he knows where the ball is going to be, why not have a Pie player thereabouts? It makes sense.
It’s Buckley’s 8th year of coaching. His tactics seem to be the same old tactics. Evolving with the times and list is apparently not something he’s interested in. On paper, the Pies are a force to be reckoned with. On the park, there are several pieces missing and it shows. Looking angry on TV seems to be Buckley’s greatest asset as a coach and that is not working. Maybe doing nothing is what their opponents will least expect? Brilliant or futile?
I wonder if it would have been better had Simon Dank called Bucks a few years back…
Back to the ‘G to face the Giants next Saturday night. I don’t hold great hopes but let’s hope Bucks can turn it around. He hasn’t in several years but maybe this week is the week.
Time will tell.

ROUND ONEHAWTHORN        4.4 10.7 13.9  15.11 (101)

COLLINGWOOD  3.4 6.4    7.6     9.13 (67)


Hawthorn: Breust 4, Burgoyne 2, Gunston 2, Henderson 2, Smith, Shiels, Rioli, Schoenmakers, Roughead

Collingwood: Crocker 2, Reid, Howe, Hoskin-Elliott, Sidebottom, Aish, Moore, Thomas


Hawthorn: Mitchell, Sicily, O’Meara, Gunston, Breust, Smith, Burgoyne.

Collingwood: Sidebottom, Pendlebury, Treloar, Thomas.


Hawthorn: Burton (ankle).

Collingwood: Nil.

Reports: Nil.

Umpires: Mollison, Fleer, Nicholson.

Official Crowd: 58,051 at the MCG.

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