Podcast Episode 2.12 – Cape Town Shenanigans

What on earth is happening in South Africa? The Pinch Hitters podcast tries to get to the bottom of the bewildering news coming out of Cape Town. In brighter news, they look at what they learned, liked and disliked from Round 1 of the AFL.

What Did we Like?
(2.00)England’s capitulation in Auckland
Kneejerk Reaction – Sandpapergate
(4.08) What were your first thoughts
(7.45) Smith was contrite but can he rightly claim this isn’t ‘what the Australian team is about’?
(16.33) Is there any scenario in which Smith keeps his job?
(19.54) Does anyone believe Lehmann didn’t know?
(24.37) Did Sutherland go far enough?
(30.08) Is Smith and Warner standing down a suitable response
(31.57) What is the appropriate penalty?
Learned Liked and Disliked – AFL Rd 1
(39.41) Learned
(43.36) Liked
(47.25) Disliked.

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