Collingwood Commentary – Too close for comfort

The Lions were a little more of a test than expected but Collingwood took the points from their clash at the Gabba. What were the key takeaways from the nail-biting Round Seven clash?

That was too close to be comfortable to watch. Whilst, somehow not being horribly stressful, it was stressful enough. I don’t ever remembering seeing any team kick ten straight to start their day either. The Pies were quite accurate in the grand scheme of things and somehow looked quite poor in comparison. The edge of my seat carried a lot of the workload yesterday but in the end we snuck away with 4 points we really couldn’t afford to let slide by. On the positive side, every time they came at us we rallied. That is what will be needed against the top sides and it was good to get used to now. Then, later when we need it, we will be ready…

I hope.

Pendles trying to hurt himself all the time probably isn’t the best for our cause but let’s hope he isn’t too bad. Might have to have next week off and he can use that to get right. Fingers crossed. Maybe Wells could get a gig?

De Goey had a good night collecting five goals and setting up the win. Thomas had three and Stephenson two including the final one to seal the game. The rest were well shared around with twelve goal kickers and even Jeremy sneaking forward to slot one. Talking about our friend Jeremy, thanks to the overwhelming positive response to Howe-isphere. I look forward to using it to describe his efforts to claim Mark of the Year, throughout the remainder of the season.

I like Appleby and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. He looks like he’s been around a while already and knows what to do and where to be. That is two weeks in a row he’s done well for a freshy. Murray always seems super aware too. I do think were improving down back as a unit.

Grundy got his 39 hit outs but was quieter around the ground than he has been the last few weeks. Sidebottom, Phillips and Treloar all got the ball plenty again with plenty of blokes getting 15-20 touches. Pendlebury had 20 before he went off and de Goey, Stephenson, Varcoe, Maine and Thomas were around a fair bit. Moore looked a bit under done but he’ll come good in time. I didn’t get to make a new word or catchcry which is kinda disappointing. Sorry guys, I’ll do better next time.

Off to see the Cats at the MCG next Sunday. That should be a fair test for us but with a big effort we can get it done. Is Tommy having a little rest? Either way we will need to be near our best. I’ve got faith. Carn the Pies!!

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BRISBANE                3.0     10.0     14.2     18.6     (114)
COLLINGWOOD     4.2     10.3     15.4     19.7     (121)

Zorko 4, Taylor 4, McStay 2, D.Beams 2, Robinson, McInerney, McLuggage, Berry, Cameron, Bailey
Collingwood: De Goey 5, Thomas 3, Stephenson 2, Pendlebury, Mayne, Howe, Treloar, Moore, Phillips, Cox, Varcoe, Hoskin-Elliott

 Zorko, Taylor, Rayner, Beams, Martin, Bailey
Collingwood: De Goey, Thomas, Sidebottom, Phillips, Howe

Collingwood: Pendlebury (ankle)

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