Collingwood Commentary: Back on the winners list

Back on the winners list and ready for the premiers. What were the takeaways of the Pies win over North?

Back on the winning side of things! Like a well oiled machine. A healthy victory over what looked to be a pretty handy Roos side (last week). A seven goal first quarter made me rather happy as we seem slow to start at times. Not this time. We flew out of the boxes in an attacking way with Brodie Mihocek slotting 3 with a shot at a fourth. I like the cut of his jib.

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What a brilliant way to start a 66 point win. (Last time we beat the Roos by 66 points, we won a flag, right?) My in-game drinks were more relaxed than usual and far earlier in the game too. A nice way to watch footy… for some (not looking at anybody, Geelong). Even when North got their goals they were from a pretty soft free to Goldstein and a mistake from Murray.

We looked in control the majority of the quarter and it was good to see. We then got stuck-in to a second quarter of much the same. 6 goals to 3 made for a 49 point half time lead. Job done. A quiet third quarter then a little icing on the cake in the last. 20 goals and only 10 behinds. That’s how we want it done. If we score 20.10 this coming week, look out!

Every Pie got at least double figures in their disposals column. We really share it around. The teamwork displayed is almost perfect. Pendlebury got 30. Adams 28 and a goal. We had 4 multiple goal scorers with De Goey and Mihocek finishing with 4 each and Hoskin-Elliot and Stephenson 3 each. Everyone gets their bit done when needed. Greenwood even slotted one against his old side.

Cox makes a difference. Giving Grundy a chop out in the ruck and generally being massive up forward and anywhere else he happens to be. Only one goal this week but a lot of what he does is not a recorded stat as such but we know he’s there. Better yet, THEY know he’s there and need 3 blokes to stop him.

I don’t wanna jinx us or anything, but did we get through a whole game without an injury? Too soon? Even Varcoe made it through unscathed. Time to freak out. There’s talk that Jamie Elliot is nearly ready to return to the big stuff as well.

Also, The AFL wants to trial some rule changes in the last few weeks of the season. While I don’t mind the trial side of things I don’t like the rules they’re thinking of changing. A bigger goal-square? To what end? Limiting rotations is neither here nor there and starting positions won’t matter much either. You want to fix the rules? Stop changing the f$%^ng rules every 2 minutes so the players AND umpires know what the f&#% they are…

Anyway, let’s stop these Richmond supporters in their tracks, shall we? Go Pies!!

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COLLINGWOOD                      7.2       13.3     15.5     20.10 (130)
NORTH MELBOURNE             2.3       5.6       7.7       9.10 (64)
Collingwood: De Goey 4, Mihocek 4, Hoskin-Elliott 3, Stephenson 3, Grundy, Adams, Phillips, Greenwood, Cox, Thomas
North Melbourne: Daw 3, Ziebell 2, Brown 2, Goldstein, Hrovat
Collingwood: Pendlebury, Adams, De Goey, Howe, Sidebottom, Mihocek, Hoskin-Elliott
North Melbourne: Higgins, Cunnington, Tarrant, Goldstein, Anderson, Clarke
Collingwood: Moore (hamstring) replaced in selected side by Daicos
North Melbourne: Thompson (nose), Morgan (lower left leg)
Reports: Nil
Umpires: Margetts, Hosking, Findlay
Official crowd: 50,393 at the MCG

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