Collingwood Commentary: Saturday Afternoon at the ‘G

Not the result the Pies wanted but they weren’t out of place on the big stage against the Premiers.

Three quarters of awesome footy to watch! Injuries are now synonymous with The Pies. Could we be any more ruined this year by these things? Don’t answer that. Always key position players, and if not, there will be a key position player to follow not far behind. It got ridiculous 12 weeks ago but somehow it’s still happening. I didn’t even know we could have this many key position players… It’s even more ridiculous now!

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Now that we have no back line, we’re just gonna need to win the ball out of the middle EVERY time. It’s the perfect plan. I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner…
Have you seen the picture with the team list filled out with our injured players? It’s out there and it has a pretty bloody good side listed. Check it out.

The fact is, if Richmond are the best in the comp, we can go with them. Our list is younger, as it is (with all the fill-ins), and we still run with them for most of the game. I would love to see us at 75% and have a crack instead of the 45% we are at presently. Even a De Goey would have been interesting. On the up side, these ‘fill-ins’ are, in the words of Mr Trump, tremendous, and getting game time they wouldn’t usually be granted. They will be better for it and so will The Pies in the future. Right now though, we could use a break! Come on, football gods!!

We still give too many turnovers and let that bloke kick two in a minute and a half from the handball around the 50 metre line. I didn’t like that we did that. You’d get your ass kicked in local footy, surely these blokes know better. Their pressure was good and we made mistakes. Our pressure was also good and THEY made mistakes too. They’re not invincible. Far from it. A few blokes back from injury and they are in real trouble if we see them in the finals. I like seeing upset Richmond fans. It’s one of my favourite things…

The goal from Higgins was impressive, no? A couple of things… One. If you allow that as not a throw, do we then need to wait for EVERY other throw on the ground to either; touch the ground or, touch someone else, before making a decision. In case the ‘thrower’ lays a boot on it at some point thus deeming it a ball release? And–when a defender takes a mark on the opposition goal line and goes back through the goals to take his kick, if he runs between the goal and point post to deliver this kick… what happens? Is it not a point automatically??? Is this that not the same almost, but in reverse? I look forward to some answers. I really wanna know this. Not just because it happened against The Pies. We lost by more than a goal so this wouldn’t have saved us.

Sidebottom was back to being everywhere with 38 touches and Pendles right behind him with 37. Tom Phillips grabbed 33 and Adams 30. Even Grundy got 23. Not one Richmond player got more than 22! How does that make sense? Our ball use wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. It doesn’t matter how many disposals you get if you pass to the opposition. Or if Pendlebury and Sidebottom play kick to kick. Our little forwards did their bit again with Thomas snagging 4 goals and Hoskin-Elliott 3. Big Cox got 2. I’ll say it again, I like what the future holds for him. Once he works out how to use his height to its full advantage (and once the chopping of the arms is actually called) he will be ridiculous.

Mihocek kicked one before he was broken. Howe was a massive loss for that much of the game. A little friendly fire by Moore and the fact that his arms were held all the way into the collision. Scharenburg hurts the most. He was killing it so far this year and won’t return. Another season ending injury. It’s frustrating for us to watch but it’s gotta be more frustrating for the boys on the field. They’re only trying their guts out and the world keeps collapsing around them. Not good.

It is what it is. So far we’ve been rolling with the punches and soon we get players back, right? Sydney at Sydney on Saturday. Try saying that 10 times, fast. They are not currently going their best. Let’s continue that for them, shall we? Go Pies!!

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RICHMOND                5.2       8.3       11.6     16.9 (105)
COLLINGWOOD          2.1       7.1       11.2     12.5 (77)
Richmond: Martin 3, Riewoldt 3, Higgins 2, Short 2, Castagna 2, Caddy, Townsend, Edwards, Rioli
Collingwood: Thomas 4, Hoskin-Elliott 3, Cox 2, Daicos, Brown, Mihocek
Richmond: Astbury, Short, Broad, Edwards, Prestia, Rance, Riewoldt
Collingwood: Grundy, Pendlebury, Thomas, Greenwood, Adams, Moore
Richmond: Prestia (ribs)
Collingwood: Howe (concussion), Mihocek (ankle), Scharenberg (knee)
Reports: Nil
Umpires: Margetts, Hosking, Findlay
Official crowd: 88,180 at the MCG

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