Collingwood Commentary: Grand Final Bound

The Pies are Grand Final bound and our man Jai couldn’t be happier. Here’s his take on the events of Friday night.


The Pies are just stepping up when needed. Even against the CERTAIN premiers… What? According to Ben Franklin, there are only two certainties in life, death and taxes. Unfortunately, the rest of us had to listen to a year of over-exuberant Tigers fans tell us the flag was already theirs. Back to back and all that. And to that, Collingwood says ‘NO!’

The way they said it was emphatic and ALL Collingwood supporters loved it. It was more than fans were daring to dream. It still kind of feels like someone is playing a prank. There’ll be no excuses from any team ever again. There couldn’t possibly be. We’ve been plagued by injury all year and still made the big dance. Big names too. Not a few newbies that nobody has heard of. As a less-than-popular sporting brand (at present) would say… JUST DO IT!

Non-Collingwood supporters, whose teams have no more role to play this year, hated having to barrack for the Pies but we all know half a country was hoping Richmond were put back in their box, too. It was pleasing to see. Facebook was saved another week of the same old Tigers’ fan’s barrage and most are thankful of that fact. You had fun Richmond…you had fun.

Buckley has made a bit of a statement. Even I was a little dubious of the length of his career and when it would all be over. Hasn’t he showed everyone a thing or two? Well played, sir. Another 4 quarters to get through and he could REALLY be the hero of the moment. Then those doubting him will probably have to admit their assumptions and opinions are a little misplaced. Make it so! Please make it so!


If you wanted to make a song and dance about it all, what better timing could you have had? The big man impressed even those who dislike the import. I’ve been saying once he gets the hang of things he will be impossible to stop and even I was starting to lose faith but 8 massive contested marks later I believe he might have swayed a few people to his bandwagon. Imagine a whole year of that happening… wowweeee. He converted those marks into goals as well (mostly) so another week like that please, Mason. Good luck Mcgovern…

And de Goey got himself 4 goals and looked threatening whenever the ball came near. He keeps the opposition on their toes and a bad feeling throughout their back line. Could be the difference at any given moment and all the players know it.

Sidebottom is taking his game up a notch when it matters too. What a champ. 41 disposals were well deserved. Goldsack has no preseason or real season to his name but the old salt has returned in ridiculous form. A gun by any other name. Varcoe’s pick-up, burst through and handball out was the play of the day for me. It really showed how we wanted it more and used it better, more often.

The Pies’ tackling was ferocious including 10 from Greenwood who puts in as hard as any. I love his enthusiasm and if he wants you stopped he’ll stop you where you stand…and hard. Every Pie played his part and if they can give us 2 and a half more hours like that on Saturday afternoon there’ll be a bit of silverware in it for them. Fingers crossed Buckley can claim his first cup.

The Eagles put Melbourne away rather easily. You needed to hurt a few bodies for us Dees. Just a bit of soreness, nothing too drastic. I want to beat them for real.

One more week. C’mon boys. Bring it home. Leave it all out there. GO PIES!!!!

What do you think? Can the Pies go all the way? Let us know in the comments below or join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Ever think you haven’t read enough poetry today? Then check out Jai’s website

RICHMOND              1.3      2.8       6.10     8.10    (58)
COLLINGWOOD     5.2     10.4     12.7     15.7     (97)
Richmond: Riewoldt 5, Higgins 2, Houli
Collingwood: De Goey 4, Cox 3, Crisp 2, Mihocek 2, Varcoe, Treloar, Grundy, Stephenson
Richmond: Riewoldt, Cotchin, Houli, Higgins
Collingwood: Sidebottom, Cox, Grundy, Adams, Crisp, De Goey, Greenwood
Richmond: Nil
Collingwood: Howe (ankle)
Reports: Nil
Umpires: Rosebury, Stevic, Ryan
Official crowd: 94,959 at the MCG

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