Pinch Hitter Predictions – Grand Final

What have our experts predicted for Grand Final day?

It is that time again, footy finals – the most wonderful time of the year.

With the biggest game of the year ahead of us this weekend, the Pinch Hitter team nominate:

  1. Who will win?
  2. The weekend’s sure thing
  3. Most at stake
  4. Doomsday scenario





Ben: A belter of a match to be decided by under two goals.
Bozza: The battle of the beards between Josh Kennedy and Tyson Goldsack will go a long way to deciding the contest.
Jai: I’m freaking out.
Jarrod: Darling and Kennedy kick six between them.
Joel: We are about to have the close Grand Final we’ve waited a long time for.
Josh: Eagles win the one on ones around the ground. With Kennedy, Darling, and Hurn they too much size and their guns like Yeo and Redden can use the ball well enough to give them an advantage.
Sudi: Darling and Kennedy to fire after previous GF debacle.
Warrick: Jeremy Howe taking a the real Mark of the Year at a crucial time.


Ben: Collingwood. Despite an unexpected GF appearance the pressure now sits on them against and interstate side after dismantling the Premiers.
Bozza: Jack Darling. Can’t afford another 2015-esque performance on the big stage.
Jai: Buckley. So near but still yet so far.
Jarrod: Eagles. Can’t afford another meltdown on the big stage.
Joel: West Coast, have to prove they can play in Melbourne when the pressure is on.
Josh: Jack Darling. Had a nightmare in 2015 before becoming one of the competition’s premier forwards. Regress and he becomes a punchline again.
Sudi: Either team’s midfield. On a wet day, they’ll want to be the difference.
Warrick: West Coast. Their fans won’t be too happy if they lose after needing to re-mortgage their house to buy flights to the game.


Ben: West Coast choke again.
Bozza: Collingwood win, and the fairness of an MCG Grand Final continues to be questioned.
Jai: The game is decided by a bad umpire call.
Jarrod: Pies win.
Joel: Pies win and we have to admit they aren’t that bad after all.
Josh: Rain. If it rains, hello Premier Pies and a year of terror.
Sudi: Eagles get thumped again, furthering the belief they can’t play at the ‘G.
Warrick: Eddie McGuire announcing a Trumpesque move into politics after claiming, post victory, that he’d achieved everything possible with the Pies.

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