Creed II is coming and we are excited

Creed II is coming and we are counting down the days till it hits the cinemas.

We aren’t going to lie – we believe Rocky is the best sports movie of all time – if not the best movie full stop. Which is why we are excited about the prospect of Creed II hitting the cinemas in less than a months time.

We are still unsure how Sylvester Stallone failed to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his turn in Creed, but will be fascinated to see where he will take the character of Rocky some 40-odd years after he first portrayed him. Ryan Coogler giving up the directors chair gives us some concerns but Steven Caple Jnr would be wise to not stray too far from what made the original movie so powerful.

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If the trailer is anything to go by we look set for an epic training montage which is of no surprise to anybody who has seen any of the proceeding movies. Then there is Michael B Jordan who will be worth the admission price alone, if he is not yet a superstar he is not far away.

Did we mention Drago!!

If you don’t understand why we are excited to see the big Russian back, firstly what are have you done with your life and secondly check out this trailer for Rocky IV.


Bring on Drago and bring on Creed II, November 21st can’t come soon enough!!

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