Everything old is new again

Yankee fan Arlo Rickard finds a reason to celebrate the Red Sox World Series win.

So the Red Sox won the World Series, great, I’m super happy for them….

I’ll give you a little background. My step-farther grew up in Western New York State and was a kid during the 1950’s when the Yankees went to 8 WS and won 6 of them. He migrated here and installed in me at a young age a deep love of the Bronx Bombers. My bookshelves were filled with history books on the club and the posters on the wall were of Don Mattingly and Dave Winfield.

FUNKY TOWN: This is the shirt you need to picture young Arlo in.

At age 10 and 12 on trips to the US the only things I wanted to do were Disneyland and Yankee Stadium. I even owned a tee-shirt exactly like the one in the Funky Town video clip. I’m not a passing fan nor am I on a bandwagon so with this context you will understand that my first draft of this story went like this.

“The Boston Red Sox fucking suck”.

But that wouldn’t have been enough so I’m doing this.

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series and I couldn’t be happier!!! History inform the present and by that rationale we are in for another Yankee Century.


1918 – The Sox win the series, they have won 5 since the original edition in 1903, they have a superstar pitcher and pinch hitter named Babe Ruth, they are the biggest and best club in the American League and are even challenging the New York Giants for ultimate supremacy.

2018 – The Sox win the fourth since 2004 (actually the same amount of Series since there was none in 1904) they don’t have Babe Ruth but they do have the biggest payroll and are the best team going around.

So what happened next? In 1920 it was Harry Freese. He owned the Red Sox but his real passion was Broadway productions and because of this the new owners of the Yankees effectively bribed the newspaper reviewer of the day so all of poor old Harry’s shows were flops. Harry needed money and the Yankees had it so they brought Babe Ruth to the Bronx and the rest as they say is history.

The Yankees Dynasty lasted from 1921 to 1978 and featured 33 AL Pennants and 22 WS victories. Since 1996 there have been 7 more appearances for 5 more wins.
The Yankees have a young team and plenty of money cleared off the books to go after a huge free agent fish like Machado or Harper or the desperately needed ace to back up Sevy.

The future in 2019 is as bright as it was in 1919 (not to mention there was no WW1 to deal with) so lets pop the champagne for the BoSox and celebrate a team that won 108 games and then went 11-3 in the post season, well done. So I hope you were not expecting a detailed breakdown of the season or grades on the players or even a level headed prognostication for next year because this is what you got, after all one thing never changes and never will.

The Boston Red Sox fucking suck.

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