AFL Round Three 2019 – What Are We Looking Forward to Saturday?

The end of Daylight Saving

Don’t get me wrong, I love daylight saving but Western Australia doesn’t have it.  Sometimes we try it and put it to a vote and then all these people who like the sun to come up at 4:30am in the middle of summer vote against it. I’ve never met a person who likes the sun up at 4:30am.

Perth metro is largely in favour but it’s a big state. It goes from Albany in the South which is 11km North of Mawson station up to the top bit near the equator which is walking distance to Manila. If time zones were based on latitude it would cover seventeen time zones. 

Anyway –  there are some useful factoids for you, they won’t pass the Google test (or any sort of factual analysis), but it was fun wasn’t it? When football season starts while daylight saving is still in effect, night games start at 4:30pm – when I’m supposed to be working not watching Foxtel Go on my iPad in the toilet.

Carlton vs Sydney

That’s actually a lie.  I’m not looking forward to this at all. Even Andrew Pridham is missing this one. The flight arrangements announced the late withdrawal: Pridham – managed.  Word is the lawn needs a mow.

Carlton lose Charlie Curnow, one of their drawcards, but the big game will be in Carlton’s backline.  The vastly improved Liam Jones will go to a Buddy Franklin who is (just slightly) coming to terms with his own mortality.  This will have a huge impact on the outcome – who saw that coming five years ago?

What happens in the midfield?  Do Kennedy and Cripps go head to head?  There are some good kids here too  Walsh, Hayward, Fisher, Blakey and others. Wait, maybe there is some good football to be played here –  I’d better record it.

It would be good to see some of what Mitch McGovern was recruited for, especially in light of the injury to Curnow and the omission of Fasolo.  There won’t be anyone getting in his way this week.

Blues to win this – 10 points.

GWS vs Richmond

You don’t wish injuries on any club.  Despite Richmond not having one player miss a game through injury for seventeen years we want to see Rance, and to a lesser extent Jack, running around for the Tigs.  Alas neither of them are and the team and the fans are not taking it well.

All of a sudden, Tom Lynch, the top up the Tigers needed to make the 2019 premiership a formality, is a replacement. He’s a good replacement though and has shown enough improvement in two weeks at Punt Road that he alone can cover the loss of Jack and add a couple of tricks of his own.

The problem for the Tigers is covering Rance,  Rance is more than just a full back, he’s the backline glue, he covers one and a half players because he reads the ball so well and can help out a teammate by leaving his man at the perfect juncture.  This is hurting the Tigers GWS on the other hand have shown us the good and the ugly in rounds 1 and 2, which leaves the bad.  Unfortunately for Richmond, the bad will not be GWS. It will be bad for Richmond.

GWS by 30+

Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Two teams performing above expectations this year and will be an interesting match.  Both teams move the ball quickly but Brisbane’s ball movement has been breakneck speed in two rounds and great fun to watch. 

Last year this could have been the Jared Polec Cup but if social media and Erin Phillips have taught us anything it’s that no-one wants to have a cup named after someone who is still playing. So it is fortuitous that Polec has moved on to North Melbourne so the loser of the contest can be awarded the “We Hate Jared Polec More Cup”.  The irony of all this is Polec has moved to greener pastures twice now.

His first club is sitting second, the second club third and his third club … sixteenth. Still I suppose that’s the idea of free agency, to help even out the competition by getting good players to the lower placed clubs.

Ollie Wines a big in for Port but first game for the year might take a while to get up to speed.  Lachie Neale has more than offset the loss of Dayne Beams but makes you wonder how good the Lions would have been with both of them.

Brisbane 22 points

Collingwood vs West Coast

Collingwood fans are looking to forward to this game like reading a Clementine Ford article – it won’t be a comfortable experience but in the end, it’s probably the truth. Eagles fans on the contrary don’t give a fat rats clacker.  They won the flag last year and even if the Pies win this by 100 points it will still be a consolation prize.

Collingwood get Taylor Adams back this week to further bolster their midfield – think about that for a minute.  That’s a bit like One Nation loading up on right wingers. Collingwood’s should have had the upper hand in the Grand Final. A superior ruckman and midfield should have restricted supply to Kennedy and Darling but the Eagles held their own and some in that contest and the big boys got what they wanted.

Don’t expect it to happen again.  The Eagles don’t have Lycett this year and Hickey is improving but not enough to go with Grundy, even with Vardy to help out.  Collingwood midfield will be too strong and the Franken Forward line will get too much supply.

Pies by 50 – running away.

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