AFL Round Four – What We Are Looking Forward to Sunday.

With just two games, what has Eddie Langtree come up with for his five things to look forward to?

Sleepy Sunday

If Saturday was Thooper Thaturday, Sunday will be Zzzleepy Zunday. Surely the only time we get two games on Sunday is on the bye weekends.  Maybe it’s mothers’ day? That doesn’t make sense. My Mum loves football.  The phone call goes “Oh, hello [insert son’s name], yes Dad’s fine, as long as the powerboard on the respirator doesn’t trip – but how bad was Collingwood last night?
This seems an oversight of sorts but I suppose that’s what happens when we have these Thursday night games. They still manage to put one at 3:20pm on Sunday.

Fallout Boy (… oh boy)

I’m predicting controversy here.  The Eagles v Dockers could be a cracker.  The Eagles fans will be furious after the Dockers fans boo Gaff.  The Eagles fans never booed anyone – not Judd, not Goodes, not even former Melbourne champion Craig Turley.  They just keep clamouring for the moral high ground.The outcome of the North Melbourne v Adelaide game will be huge.  If Adelaide lose, Don Pyke will be saltier than a dim sim deep fried in beef stock.  If North lose, Brad Scott might just be Brad Scoot after James Brayshaw asks for his badge and sidearm.  Sunday morning free to air football coverage could be worth watching … who am I kidding?

Big Dogs

This won’t happen Sunday but will happen and is worth looking forward to.  Aaron Naughton – super defender on the way to the Doggies and now a forward.  Fantastic hands. Big, out in front, attacking the ball, one grab marking.  That’s what we want to see.  Stewart Loewe anyone?Tim English – towelled by Brodie Grundy tonight but he’s 21.  Got a lot of the ball, should have kicked a major to really hurt the Pies.  Big guys take time to develop but he’s ahead of schedule, like Grundy was at 21.  It might just be that he’s tall and blonde, but Scott Wynd anyone?

Time to Deliver

Gold Coast are on the way up after three rounds, Carlton conversely can only be promising for so long and this is one that would have been pencilled in pre season. Come Sunday night, expect Bolton to be under more pressure than a tradie in a petrol HiLux

Graveyard Shift

3:20pm Sunday afternoon at the Hall of Justice, aka Marvel Stadium. Someone senior in the AFL media department has a wedding on and wanted to make sure they didn’t get a call halfway through the ceremony in case something important happens.  Who has their phone on at a wedding anyone?  You shouldn’t even be on Facebook because the official photos should be out first before you plaster the photos of the maid of honour doing Nutbush after too much sav blanc.Anyway, look out for Josh Battle.  Teams build back lines around guys like this.  

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