Five things we are looking forward to Sunday


There’s a few types of booing.  
There’s boo the former player who is now playing against you, that’s OK.  Even within that there is the one who bailed on you when you needed them most, Dayne Beams for example.  Or there’s the guy that actually wanted to stay but he was traded anyway because your club wanted another player, say Chad Wingard (Ryan Burton in case you’re confused).
There’s boo the big name, who can be a real dick but is a damn good player – Alan Didak, Jake Stringer, Dermott Brereton.
There’s boo the player who’s one of the greatest of all time and who kills you, and  half of dozen of your players *every* time – Leigh Matthews, Lenny Hayes.
There’s boo the small forward – because no one likes a small forward – Phil Matera,  Steven Milne.
Then there’s boo the fine citizen, the rocks of your club or someone else’s club.  One team players who are heart and soul and ornaments to the game.  Dyson Heppell, Travis Boak, Shannon Hurn, Josh P Kennedy, Alex Rance, Kade Simpson and many more … and Scott Pendlebury.  Don’t boo these guys, don’t even put yourself in a place where your boo might be mistaken for being aimed at them.  We love them.
Otherwise, boo all you like.  Smile while you’re doing it so everyone knows you’re being a bit of a dick instead of a massive one.

Sundays with more games – not this week though

Let’s face it, most of the stuff I write is padded with mindless ramblings but when there is only two games I’m forced to make up some more semi relevant content (content – there’s an overstatement).  While I’m here though, how is it, with only two games for the whole day, the AFL still manages to get them to overlap?  

Late starts in Tasmania

Hawthorn v Carlton starts at 3:20pm on Sunday.  We have to wait until 3:20pm for the first game on a Sunday only for it to overlap with the game we actually want to watch?
This could actually be worth watching and doing some recording thingy to pause the Geelong Eagles game to watch later during Sunday night family time when everyone should be watching documentaries together.  
Blues were good last week and if the Hawks aren’t on they might get a shock.  No Frawley here really hurts the Hawks, so much that they sent Jack Gunston back. With Harry McKay in form and the better Curnow back in the 22, I’m going back to back Blues.

Where are the Eagles?

Are the Eagles as good as we thought they’d be?  Port towelled them last week with some clever scungy (spell check is killing me on that one) delivery into the forward line which left the Eagles’ interceptors wondering what to do.  It was a genius move from Ken Hinkley and is possibly the blueprint for other teams.  
How will the Cats go about it?  Tom Hawkins won’t be happy if all the forward entries are tumble punts.  If I was Tom Hawkins I’d be more worried about having to leave the Cattery in the dark on a school night.  There won’t be many people around and he might find the Ford Ranger up on blocks, just like I expect the Eagles will be.


This is not something I’m looking forward to but a comment. A $20K fine for Essendon’s flagrant breach of the rules by parachuting Joe Daniher in the 22 against North when he wasn’t named as an emergency is patently inadequate.  
Essendon knew exactly what they were doing and sought to gain some advantage (real or perceived).  
Zac Clarke was never going to play and Daniher was never going to play in the Magoos.  
It was a belligerent and cynical exercise and a big FU to the AFL.
EFC advised the AFL that they would do this and was advised they couldn’t yet, EFC did it anyway.  
The AFL needs to be stronger next time and penalise which ever club (any club) is guilty by forfeiting the game, and $50K+. Otherwise there is just no deterrent. Is there a rule or isn’t there?

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