Five things we are looking forward to Saturday

Eddie Langtree gives us his unique take on what he is looking forward to this Saturday?

Harris Andrews vs Aaron Naughton

Luke Beveridge did what you do with all promising forwards when they hit a flat patch after five career games north of the centre – he sent him back.  Suddenly all the memories of Aaron Naughton’s life as a backman, all the discipline, the accountability, the lack of goals, it all came flooding back.  So when he got his next chance in the forward line against a Richmond backline weaker than a single shot latte in a milk shake cup, he grabbed it.  Along with nine contested marks in one of the best and most exciting games of football from a 20 year old.  Equal second behind Wayne Carey in the number of contested marks in a game – nine.

That’s quite a performance.

Brisbane gets Harris Andrews back just in time.   Andrews is no Nathan Broad and Naughton will have his work cut out this week.  Something to look forward to.

Carlton Spine

We’ve been defending these guys for a few weeks now.  Well maybe not Redda. We are looking for some Carlton spine this week.   Some resolve sort of spine, because last week was pretty awful against a side many tipped they would beat.  We’d also like to see the on paper spine which is actually pretty good despite the loss of early All Australian fancy Liam Jones (still can’t believe we are saying that).  Marchbank, Weitering, Cripps, Charlie Curnow and McKay actually looks pretty good.

It’s probably a good week for Jones to miss because Collingwood don’t have a Buddy/Ben Brown/Joe Daniher type forward.  Actually they do but he’s at CHB.

Anyway the Blues always grow a leg for these but will just fall short this week.

Jarrod Witts vs Max Gawn

There aren’t many ruckman taller and heavier than Max Gawn.  Jarrod Witts is both.  Not by a big margin but if he was any bigger I’d be too scared to make tall jokes.  If Witts had stayed at Collingwood he’d probably still be in the twos.  How would you feel as a top up player brought over from the Ammos for the week and … “shit, sorry boys left my boots at home, gotta go”
Anyway watch this game, this will be a great duel, better than the inevitable Hound vs Mountain clash on an upcoming GoT episode.  I wonder if the Mountain sans helmet will be better looking than Max.

Did you come here for intelligent football analysis?  



Who doesn’t love a showdown? Well don’t answer, because no-one doesn’t love a showdown.  That’s not some cryptic reference to Arya Stark’s blind stage although Maisie Williams probably doesn’t love a Showdown, she’s probably never seen one.

What we can say categorically is that most people between South Australia’s east, west and northern borders and the Great Australian Bight are quite fond of a Showdown and this week their fondness will be rewarded.

Port Adelaide will be refreshed after an eight day break and a three quarter game.  Adelaide come off a six day break and a flight to Perth which seems a tall order.  Fremantle however only scored 34 points against the Crows the previous week. Most of those were scored when Adelaide, confronted by an angry Perth mob, allowed Freo a couple of walk-ins. If Leeds United has taught us anything it’s that it’s good way to win back the home side’s favour.
Adelaide for me

Where are the Eagles?

ame question as last week – it’s hard to get a read on them.  
After an unconvincing win at home against Gold Coast, the Eagles go into this match bolstered by the omission of Chris Masten.  
Based on where everything is pointing the Eagles should win and the Saints should lose.

St Kilda by 23.

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