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We are getting used to a bit of “woe is me” from the Essendon camp but in this instance there’s some justification.  Dane Rampe demonstrating his coconut tree climbing technique on the goal post as David Myers lined up is a clear breach of rule 17.11. It could be argued that he was just climbing not shaking but I challenge any 85kg man to climb a goal post without shaking it.
Looking forward to the wash up.  Given this was the last kick of the game Essendon will have a crack at getting a post match free kick.  It will be funny either way.

Mothers’ Day at the Scotts

Mothers’ Day will be an interesting affair at the Scott household.  Mrs Scott (aka Mum) will struggle to find a time when she was more torn.  One son, his team expected to sit mid pack, is flying with his Cats atop the ladder.  The other son, his team also expected to sit mid pack, 3rd bottom despite a big win over the hapless Blues last week.
“I just hope it’s a good game” won’t cut it here Mrs Scott – we know you have a favourite son and it’s time to show your colours.  Sharing is a big thing for the kids and you should be telling Chris to share some of the wins and lay down to give Brad and the Roos a little more momentum.
Alas football is not for sharing and Chris will not do what he is told and the Roos one game streak will come to an end.

Rough end of the Pineapple

How could this happen? How could arguably the best coach of our time drop the big redhead, club stalwart, four time premiership player, former captain, leading goalscorer, all Australian?
One thing is for sure, Clarkson’s Christmas card collection is dropping rapidly given Luke Hodge and Jordan Lewis have crossed him off.  Who sends Christmas cards these days anyway?  No one really.  I got three and still think my friends like me. 
While we are here, if you ever needed proof that the naming of sides is batting order as it were, is an exercise in futility, just look at Puopolo being named at CHF.  If only they had to line up like that for say, the first five minutes.  The Puopolo, Phil Davis match up would be wonderful.
This will be hard for Hawthorn – we never discount a Hawthorn team with their backs to the wall but a win here seems highly unlikely.

Let them run

The Tiger bandwagon is collapsing – weakened by the sheer weight it had to carry in 2017 and 2018 and now the wheels are getting wobbly as every injury they are faced with is another pothole they have to run over.  It’s enough to make you start feeling sorry for them again ……. [insert tears of laughter emoji].
The Dockers forward line has gone from exciting to coma inducing (refer last week) so far in season 2019.  This week, against a Tigers back line torn apart by a (gifted) 20 year old, Ross should let the boys off the leash.  Pearce and Hameling can control whatever Tom Lynch puts up at the other end so get it in to Hogan, Taberner, Walters, McCarthy and Matera and let’s see if they can show some flair and dash as some sort of apology for the rubbish they put up last week.  
They are good to watch when they are going and there is plenty of talent there – this could be worth watching.

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