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AFL Round Eight 2019 – Power Rankings

Whose stocks rose and whose stocks weakened after Round Eight of the AFL season?

1. (1) GEELONG

Another round, another win for Geelong. After eight rounds they are sitting pretty on top of the ladder while the rest of the competition scraps it out behind them.

LAST FIVE: GWS (L), Haw (W), WCE (W), Ess (W), NM (W).

NEXT FIVE: WB (H), GC (A), Syd (H), Rich (A), PA (A).


For the second time in three weeks, the Pies have escaped with a hard-fought win from an epic battle with an arch rival. The victory over the Blues extending their current winning streak to five, the best in the competition.

LAST FIVE: WB (W), BL (W), Ess (W), PA (W), Carl (W).

NEXT FIVE: StK (H), Syd (A), Fre (H), Melb (H), WB (A).


After a slow start, the Crows seem to be building nicely. The fortnight ahead provides an opportunity to strengthen their position in the top four.

LAST FIVE: NM (L), GC (W), StK (W), Fre (W), PA (W).

NEXT FIVE: BL (A), WCE (H), Melb (A), GWS (H), Rich (H).


The wounded Tigers bounced back after their loss to the Bulldogs. With four wins from their last five games, they are more than keeping themselves competitive as they await the return of their injured stars.

LAST FIVE: PA (W), Syd (W), Melb (W), WB (L), Fre (W).

NEXT FIVE: Haw (H), Ess (H), NM (A), Gee (H), Ade (A).

5. (3) GWS

Their MCG hoodoo is beginning to appear a major concern for a team with Giant ambitions.

LAST FIVE: Gee (W), Fre (L), Syd (W), StK (W), Haw (L).

NEXT FIVE: Carl (H), Melb (A), GC (H), Ade (A), NM (A).


Back to back wins for an Eagles team still a little off their best.

LAST FIVE: Fre (W), PA (L), Gee (L), GC (W), StK (W).

NEXT FIVE: Melb (H), Ade, (A), WB (H), Syd (A), Ess (H).


A hiccup for the Lions against a resurgent Bulldogs outfit in Ballarat. Their season might hinge on how they perform over the next three weeks.

LAST FIVE: Ess (L), Coll (L), GC (W), Syd (W), WB (L).

NEXT FIVE: Ade (H), Fre (A), Haw (H), Carl (A), StK (A).


A strong follow-up performance against the Lions after their upset victory over the Tigers. Big test coming up against the Cats this week.

LAST FIVE: Coll (L), Carl (L), Fre (L), Rich (W), BL (W).

NEXT FIVE: Gee (A), NM (H), WCE (A), Carl (A), Coll (H).

9. (13) HAWTHORN

After a shaky six weeks, the Hawks came back with a vengeance against the Giants..

LAST FIVE: StK (L), Gee (L), Carl (W), Melb (L), GWS (W).

NEXT FIVE: Rich (A), PA (H), BL (A), Ess (A), Syd (A).


Back to back losses puts the Dockers in a precarious position.

LAST FIVE: WCE (L), GWS (W), WB (W), Ade (L), Rich (L).

NEXT FIVE: Ess (A), BL (H), Coll (A), PA (H), Melb (A).


After three losses from five games, the Power will be looking to make a statement at home against the Suns.

LAST FIVE: Rich (L), WCE (W), NM (W), Coll (L), Ade (L).

NEXT FIVE: GC (H), Haw (A), StK (A), Fre (A), Gee (H).

12. (16) MELBOURNE

After a miracle victory against the Suns, Melbourne now has three wins from their last five games but a tough month lies ahead.

LAST FIVE: Syd (W), StK (L), Rich (L), Haw (W), GC (W).

NEXT FIVE: WCE (A), GWS (H), Ade (H), Coll (A), Fre (H).

13. (10) ST KILDA

Another ‘honourable defeat’ for the Saints sees them drop further after a strong start.

LAST FIVE: Haw (W), Melb (W), Ade (L), GWS (L), WCE (L).

NEXT FIVE: Coll (A), Carl (H), PA (H), GC (A), BL (H).

14. (11) ESSENDON

Three losses in a row leaves the Bombers in a tailspin.

LAST FIVE: BL (W), NM (W), Coll (L), Gee (L), Syd (L).

NEXT FIVE: Fre (H), Rich (A), Carl (H), Haw (H), GWS (H).


Provided a stern test for the Cats but still fell to their third defeat in five matches.

LAST FIVE: Ade (W), Ess (L), PA (L), Carl (W), Gee (L).

NEXT FIVE: Syd (H), WB (A), Rich (H), GC (A), GWS (H).

16. (17) SYDNEY

Despite the Swans four-game losing streak coming to an end against the Bombers, they face a steep climb from the bottom reaches of the ladder.

LAST FIVE: Melb (L), Rich (L), GWS (L), BL (L), Ess (W).

NEXT FIVE: NM (A), Coll (H), Gee (A), WCE (H), Haw (H).

17. (14) GOLD COAST

Their heartbreaking defeat against the Dees means they possess the longest current losing streak in the competition.

LAST FIVE: Carl (W), Ade (L), BL (L), WCE (L), Melb (L).

NEXT FIVE: PA (A), Gee (H), GWS (A), NM (H), StK (H).

17. (18) CARLTON

A much improved performance against the Pies but still unable to avoid their fourth defeat from their last five.

LAST FIVE: GC (L), WB (W), Haw (L), NM (L), Coll (L).

NEXT FIVE: GWS (A), StK (A), Ess (A), BL (H), WB (H).

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