What we are looking forward to Sunday. AFL 2019 – Round Ten.

What is Eddie looking forward to this Sunday.

Something about Brad Scott

Coaching roundabouts, dominos, things falling into place, right place, wrong time etc.  It’s like someone at the AFL media department decided the season was going a bit slow and the only unpredictable thing this season  is Dane Rampe.  So Gil jumped on the blower to former colleague Ben Buckley and made him an offer he can’t refuse.  Someone decided Mark Robinson needed to contribute something useful so he got the scoop and now it’s all we can talk about.  Now we’ve got months of speculation, coaches out the door, even Alistair Clarkson suiting up for Carlton so they can pay him under the player salary cap and the soft cap at the same time.  
There’s a bit of MacBeth here in a weird kind of way.  There will be many who had not considered a coaching possibility up to now, but Michael Voss, Jon Barker, Stephen King and others might just be listening to the three cackling witches and plotting their ascendancy.

Something else about Brad Scott

Scott’s timing is actually pretty good.  We don’t see many recycled coaches these days.  It seems once a coach gets the chop they either bob up at another club as assistant coach or football manager or make two guest appearances on the ABC doing special comments before they realise he didn’t know anything about football – which is probably why he’s no longer coaching. Anyway, Scott can see the job board on the AFL website opening up.  Once Carlton realises they won’t make finals (about four weeks ago) Mark LoGiudice will email the AFL: “Can you please put this on the website?”.

Carlton Football Club in the Australian Football League is looking for a senior coach for season 2020.  We are a proud strong club with lots of premierships but not really in anyone’s living memory.  We need a strong coach and none of this green shoots business, we want results and we want them < 5 years this time, OK.  If you’re interested and know about football, email carlton_president@gmail.com

Other things on Sunday

There are three other things not related to Brad Scott happening on Sunday – these are a mere side-show to the coaching side-show that Side-Show Scott kicked off yesterday.  We love to call them football games.  Given that I’ve lost of most of you already I’ll make this short.

Unlike a sneaky Fat Yak on the way home from football training the Giants are not good travellers.  Having said that the Dees have brought underachievement to a whole new level this year.  I’ll go the Dees here, they have to get a couple of wins on the board before all the fans head up to Hotham.

If the firewall at work allowed me to check betting websites, I reckon St Kilda will be paying about $1.10 here which is about 9c high.  If the Blues get up, Alan Richardson will be the winner as his contract will get paid out and he will return to the relative obscurity of assistant coach somewhere.  Saints for me.

Unfortunately for Fremantle fans, Brisbane are fast ball movers so Ross will do everything he can to slow them down and the whole game.  “Park the Bus” will be the call and all the players will wonder how the hell that is even possible but they’ll give it a crack.  The irony here is that a club will have Ross Lyon on the radar – one that has no forward line and can’t score or one, like the Dockers, that has a forward line that Ross wants to neuter.

It’s getting cold

At round ten the season is almost half way through, we are in all the swing of things and there’s a pattern to the week.  This is the time of year the amateur club you play for, 1 and 7 after eight rounds, is in the usual pattern too.  It’s hard to get motivated when the next ten weeks will be spent trying to stave off relegation. When the temperature drops to six degrees at Tuesday night training, there’s not even enough blokes to play a basketball scratchie to change things up and the inevitable conversation about whether we should actually train on Tuesday comes up.
This is also the time of year the AFL starts sending interstate clubs to Launceston and Hobart. At least Port Adelaide doesn’t have to turn up for a Sunday twilight game. The AFL needs to monitor this, maybe we need a roof on UTAS Oval or Bellerive. Maybe we need a roof on Tasmania.

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