AFL 2019 – What we are looking forward to Sunday Round 11.

Eddie tells us what we have to look forward to in the AFL on Sunday.


The big one here is what happens in Darwin – either way, one of the already underperforming teams will be further underperformed.  Somehow Don Pyke is out of the crosshairs in the current coaching merry go round and he should be firmly in them. After last year’s seasonus horribillus, many tipped they would return to the top of the ladder but this hasn’t happened.  A loss for Adelaide against a Melbourne team with three big ins would be bad for Don.  If you’re looking for a replacement, the guy with the highest winning percentage in the AFL could be available come season’s end – that would be Rhys Shaw, although his winning percentage could be volatile.
A loss for the Dees – Goodwin is already in trouble, there will just be more.

Jarryn Geary

“We can rebuild him, make him better than he was before, better, stronger, faster”
Like Steve Austin after the horrendous test flight accident in The Six Million Dollar Man, Jarryn Geary could well come back stronger after being rebuilt.  He was already a tough guy and a great, if underrated, skipper for the the Saints.  Not sure on his contract but more likely to be the $550k man but worth every cent.  
We wish him well on his return and hope that Port puts out rolls out the first quarter vs Collingwood version this weekend so Geary can work his way back slowly.

Blues are a chance

Surely that’s just crazy talk.  Like an unrepentant gambler I keep tipping the Blues because they won a game and I got that one right.  No mention of the other nine where I tipped them and missed out – “But I got one right when no one else did”.  Coincidentally I think I’m nine off the pace. Anyway I tipped them again.  
Mitch McGovern is a huge out but Carlton will be bolstered by the omission of Dale Thomas and some reasonable ins from the Magoos.  Essendon lose their two good players Stringer and Shiel.  Unless there are late changes it’s disappointing we won’t see Irving Mosquito make his debut, almost as disappointing as Zac Clarke still somehow being on the emergency list.
Jack Silvagni plays his 50th game for the Blues, a milestone we never thought he’d achieve until Dad stepped in.  

Uh Oh

Nothing runs in front, skis downhill and flat track bullies like an “up and about” West Coast Eagles unit at home.  This could get completely out of hand wth Darling and Kennedy both in good touch, another tall in Oscar Allen looking the goods, because the Eagles needed another quality tall forward.  
In form Bulldog Aaron Naughton will discover a new challenge with Jeremy McGovern marking everything that is meant for him – unless Naughton can apply some of his craft from his previous life as a backman. The only way I can see this not getting ugly is if the Eagles get in one of their lazy moods, which we saw a couple of times earlier in the year.  
Simpson seems to have stamped this out and they are remarkably well placed despite looking poor in a couple of games.

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