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AFL 2019: Power Rankings Rd 11.

Bozza passes judgement on the 18 teams as they begin to take their midseason byes.

1. (1) GEELONG

Two games and percentage clear on top of the ladder, 2019 is going about as well as the Cats could possibly hope at the half way point of the season.

LAST FIVE: Ess (W), NM (W), WB (W), GC (W), Syd (W).

NEXT FIVE: Rich (A), PA (A), Ade (H), Bulldogs (A), St Kilda (H).

2. (3) GWS

The Giants have won five of their last six and look to be gathering steam for a premiership assault at season’s end.

LAST FIVE: StK (W), Haw (L), Carl (W), Melb (W), GC (W).

NEXT FIVE: Ade (A), NM (A), Ess (A), Bris (H), Rich (A).


While they may not have been able to find their best consistently, they kicked their highest score of the season against the Bulldogs and have quietly won their last five games to position themselves nicely.

LAST FIVE: GC (W), StK (W), Melb (W), Ade (W), WB (W).

NEXT FIVE: Syd (A), Ess (H), Haw (A), Fre (A), Coll (H).


The Pies tasted defeat for the first time in eight weeks after a thriller against the Dockers, bringing to an end the longest winning streak of the season to date.

LAST FIVE: PA (W), Carl (W), StK (W), Syd (W), Fre (L).

NEXT FIVE: Melb (H), WB (A), NM (H), Haw (A), WCE (A).


The Lions lost bounced back from a slow start, and a heartbreaking trip to Perth, to record their straight win over the Hawks. How far can youthful exuberance carry this group in 2019?

LAST FIVE: Syd (W), WB (L), Ade (W), Fre (L), Haw (W).

NEXT FIVE: Carl (A), StK (A), Melb (H), GWS (A), PA (A).


The Dockers have prevailed in a pair of thrillers over the past fortnight and their is a renewed sense of optimism around the group. A big match against the Power next up will paint a picture as to how excited anybody should be about their chances of a finals return.

LAST FIVE: Ade (L), Rich (L) Ess (L), BL (W), Coll (W).

NEXT FIVE: PA (H), Melb (A), Carl (H), WCE (H), Haw (A).


After three impressive victories, the Tigers were well off the pace against the Kangaroos. Are they a genuine threat or in the pack of teams a little further back? Their next two games might give us the answer.

LAST FIVE: WB (L), Fre (W), Haw (W), Ess (W), NM (L).

NEXT FIVE: Gee (H), Ade (A), StK (A), GC (A), GWS (H).


While the Crows may have escaped Darwin with four premiership points, they looked far from impressive in defeating Melbourne. Hanging on grimly to a position in the eight, they will need to improve over their next four games if they want to remain in touch.

LAST FIVE: Fre (W), PA (W), BL (L), WCE (L), Melb (W).

NEXT FIVE: GWS (H), Rich (H), Gee (A), PA (H), GC (A).


The Power put on a show in Shanghai in putting the Saints to the sword. The difference between their best and worst has been a concern however, and they will need to discover some consistency if they want to challenge.

LAST FIVE: Coll (L), Ade (L), GC (W), Haw (L), StK (W).

NEXT FIVE: Fre (A), Gee (H), WB (H), Ade (A), BL (H).


The Kangaroos gave Rhys Shaw the perfect start to his coaching career with a dominant victory over Richmond. After failing to live up to preseason expectations, what can they salvage from the rest of the season?

LAST FIVE: Carl (W), Gee (L), Syd (L), WB (W), Rich (W).

NEXT FIVE: GC (A), GWS (H), Coll (A), StK (A), Ess (A).

11. (15) ESSENDON

The Bombers were far from impressive in seeing off one of their bitterest rivals this week and will need to find something more if they want to taste victory against another in their next start.

LAST FIVE: Gee (L), Syd (L), Fre (W), Rich (L), Carl (W).

NEXT FIVE: Haw (H), WCE (A), GWS (H), Syd (H), NM (H).

12. (9) HAWTHORN

The Hawks best and worst was on show in their clash with the Lions. Irrepressible in the first quarter a third consecutive defeat to Brisbane seemed inconceivable. Unfortunately, they couldn’t rediscover this level for the remainder of the match to lose a third game from their last five starts.

LAST FIVE: Melb (L), GWS (W), Rich (L), PA (W), BL (L).

NEXT FIVE: Ess (A), Syd (A), WCE (H), Coll (H), Fre (H).

13. (11) ST KILDA

The trip to China couldn’t have gone any worse for the Saints. After a strong start to the season they are in danger of falling off the pace.

LAST FIVE: GWS (L), WCE (L), Coll (L), Carl (W), PA (L).

NEXT FIVE: GC (A), BL (H), Rich (H), NM (A), Gee (A).


They were game against the Eagles in Perth but couldn’t prevent a third consecutive defeat. Will look to come back after the by with revenge laden victory over Carlton after losing to them earlier in the season.

LAST FIVE: Rich (W), BL (W), Gee (L), NM (L), WCE (L).

NEXT FIVE: Carl (A), Coll (H), PA (A), Gee (H), Melb (H).

15. (14) SYDNEY

The Swans took the fight right up to the ladder leading Cats but fell short when the game was there to be won. After a disappointing start to the season it doesn’t get any easier for the Swans either side of the bye.

LAST FIVE: BL (L), Ess (W), NM (W), Coll (L), Gee (L).

NEXT FIVE: WCE (H), Haw (H), GC (H), Ess (A), Carl (H).

16. (16) MELBOURNE

A heartbreaking defeat for the Demons after looking the better side for much of their match in Darwin. If their finals hopes aren’t already dashed, their next three matches are likely to extinguish them.

LAST FIVE: Haw (W), GC (W), WCE (L), GWS (L), Ade (L).

NEXT FIVE: Coll (A), Fre (H), BL (A), Carl (A), WB (A).

17. (17) GOLD COAST

It was the worst performance of the season for the Suns who had been mostly competitive in their defeats prior. It will be important that they rediscover their competitiveness or it could be a looooong run home.

LAST FIVE: WCE (L), Melb (L), PA (L), Gee (L), GWS (L).

NEXT FIVE: NM (H), StK (H), Syd (A), Rich (H), Ade (H).

18. (18) CARLTON

With just one win from 11 games, the scrutiny will be well and truly on the Blues if they cannot add to their win tally before their bye in two weeks.

LAST FIVE: NM (L), Coll (L), GWS (L), StK (L), Ess (L).

NEXT FIVE: BL (H), WB (H), Fre (A), Melb (H), Syd (A).

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