CWC19: Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka – Five Fearless Predictions

Who will claim their first win when Afghanistan and Sri Lanka clash in Wales?

Just a few years ago, people would look at you funny if you suggested that Afghanistan could beat Sri Lanka in cricket, but as we enter this match that is a very real possibility. Afghanistan did have to qualify for this tournament while Sri Lanka didn’t but right now Sri Lanka are looking every bit like the worst team in the competition while Afghanistan are a little bit above that. After Bangladesh’s massive upset win over South Africa last night and Pakistan starting off so well against England, though, predictions all of a sudden are tough.

Five Fearless Predictions:

(1) We’ll get 300-ish

Sri Lanka are a big batting side while Afghanistan are pretty well-rounded, so there is every chance that we’ll get a pretty big score no matter who bats first. Afghanistan can get up towards 300 against weaker bowling line-ups while Sri Lanka can certainly get that much. This could be a big one.

(2) This will be close

The closest match we’ve had so far was Bangladesh’s 21 run win over South Africa, and I am picking this one to be a similar margin. Afghanistan snuck over Pakistan in the warm-up match by a similar margin and I expect it to be similar here.

(3) Karunaratne will get lots of runs

He’s in good form and if he can carry his bat against New Zealand then you’d think he can do fairly well against a weaker opponent. Maybe even a century.

(4) Rashid Khan!

There is so much hype on this player and after a big game against Australia I think he can do that much better. I mean, he scored 27 off 11 and took one of the only 3 wickets to fall there. I’m thinking 5 wickets and a 50.

(5) Afghanistan will win?

I had a lot of people laugh at me for picking Bangladesh to lose incorrectly, so I am putting a question mark on this one. It’s funny how I can have a 90% accurate prediction rate but still get made fun of for getting it wrong for a change. Upsets are called upsets for a reason. Afghanistan are favourites here, but not by much.

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