CWC19: Bangladesh v New Zealand – Five Fearless Predictions

Will the giant killers of the 2019 World Cup add another scalp to their belt?

South Africa were on target to beat West Indies, who in turn beat New Zealand easily, who beat India easily, who beat Bangladesh easily, and yet, somehow, Bangladesh beat South Africa, and so that little plot doesn’t work anymore, as suddenly Bangladesh are on the top of that tree and on the bottom. If you think of the win as an upset, then it’s easy enough to pick, and you go for New Zealand, but if you believe that that was the real Bangladesh then suddenly New Zealand are in trouble. Bangladesh have beaten New Zealand in ODIs before – they’ve even whitewashed them. The only issue is that that was in Bangladesh, and was quite some time ago.

Five Fearless Predictions:

(1) Kane Williamson will rock

The man simply does not fail and it seems hard to believe he will fail against Bangladesh. While their bowling attack might trip him up, I am picking that he will step it up here.

(2) Bangladesh won’t go back to back

It’d be a pretty big upset for Bangladesh to win this one, and I just don’t see it happening. There was too much fluke in their win for me, in spite of the memes.

(3) Shakib al Hasan will fail

While he almost always bowls well, he is inconsistent with the bat, and I think that after that big batting effort he will fail here.

(4) Mushfiqur Rahman will fail

Every big batting performance he has had has been followed by a string of bad ones, so I am picking that to happen here.

(5) It won’t be close

Twice I picked one-sided matches and they ended up being upsets the other way, but surely that won’t happen a third time. Come on. If Bangladesh can win this one, this would be number 1 on the list of biggest upsets in World Cup history, especially as it’d be two massive upsets in a row for them.

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