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AFL 2019 – Power Rankings Round 12

Some movement this week in the Pinch Hitters Power Rankings. Who went up and who slid down?

1. (1) GEELONG

Rather than challenged, the Cats were comfortable against the Tigers in an highly anticipated Friday night clash at the G. The minor premiership is becoming a procession for Chris Scott’s men.

LAST FIVE: NM (W), WB (W), GC (W), Syd (W), Rich (W).

NEXT FIVE: PA (A), Ade (H), Bulldogs (A), St Kilda (H), Hawthorn (H).


Did little more than they needed to against Melbourne to get back on the winners list. Will be reasonable confident in their next three starts before fixtures against the Eagles and GWS gives us a real insight into just how well the Magpies are travelling.

LAST FIVE: Carl (W), StK (W), Syd (W), Fre (L), Melb (W).

NEXT FIVE: WB (A), NM (H), Haw (A), WCE (A), GWS (A).

3. (2) GWS

Just when you think its safe to anoint the Giants a genuine contender another chink in their armour appears. For a team that will need to win at least one game away from home to claim the flag, their form outside Sydney is a cause for concern.

LAST FIVE: Haw (L), Carl (W), Melb (W), GC (W), Ade (L).

NEXT FIVE: NM (A), Ess (A), Bris (H), Rich (A) Coll (H).


Having appeared to be back close to their best a week earlier, the Eagles could not overcome their SCG hoodoo and remain without a win at the venue this century. The Top Four race is a tight one and they won’t be able to afford too many more slip ups against sides they are expected to beat.

LAST FIVE: StK (W), Melb (W), Ade (W), WB (W), Syd (L).

NEXT FIVE: Ess (H), Haw (A), Fre (A), Coll (H), Melb (A).


The Crows were magnificent in overcoming the Giants at the Adelaide Oval to record a third victory in five games. A tricky trifecta of games lie ahead before the fixture begins to open up for a team with renewed top four ambitions.

LAST FIVE: PA (W), BL (L), WCE (L), Melb (W), GWS (W).

NEXT FIVE: Rich (H), Gee (A), PA (H), GC (A), Ess (H).


The Dockers have prevailed in a pair of thrillers over the past fortnight and their is a renewed sense of optimism around the group. A big match against the Power next up will paint a picture as to how excited anybody should be about their chances of a finals return.

LAST FIVE: Ade (L), Rich (L) Ess (L), BL (W), Coll (W).

NEXT FIVE: PA (H), Melb (A), Carl (H), WCE (H), Haw (A).


The Power put on a show in Shanghai in putting the Saints to the sword. The difference between their best and worst has been a concern however, and they will need to discover some consistency if they want to challenge.

LAST FIVE: Coll (L), Ade (L), GC (W), Haw (L), StK (W).

NEXT FIVE: Fre (A), Gee (H), WB (H), Ade (A), BL (H).


After three straight wins, fans out Arden Street way are beginning to dream big. Could Rhys Shaw lead the Kangaroos to an unlikely finals appearance?

LAST FIVE: Gee (L), Syd (L), WB (W), Rich (W), GC (W).

NEXT FIVE: GWS (H), Coll (A), StK (A), Ess (A), BL (A).


The Tigers failed the first of a pair of big examinations on Friday night against the Cats. Has a season of defying the weight of injury finally caught up with them?

LAST FIVE: Fre (W), Haw (W), Ess (W), NM (L), Gee (L).

NEXT FIVE: Ade (A), StK (A), GC (A), GWS (H). PA (A).

10. (6) BRISBANE

Ouch! After an impressive start to the season, the Lions now enter the bye licking their wounds from a second half fade out against the bottom team.

LAST FIVE: WB (L), Ade (W), Fre (L), Haw (W), Carl (L).

NEXT FIVE: StK (A), Melb (H), GWS (A), PA (A), NM (H).

11. (15) SYDNEY

It was an impressive victory by the Swans over the Premiers in Sydney, to give them s third victory from their last five starts. After a poor start to the season they will attack the second half of the season with some momentum.

LAST FIVE: Ess (W), NM (W), Coll (L), Gee (L), WCE (A).

NEXT FIVE: Haw (H), GC (H), Ess (A), Carl (H), Fre (A).

12. (11) ESSENDON

The Bombers were far from impressive in seeing off one of their bitterest rivals in Round 11 and will need to find something more if they want to taste victory against another in their next start.

LAST FIVE: Gee (L), Syd (L), Fre (W), Rich (L), Carl (W).

NEXT FIVE: Haw (H), WCE (A), GWS (H), Syd (H), NM (H).

13. (12) HAWTHORN

The Hawks best and worst was on show in their clash with the Lions. Irrepressible in the first quarter a third consecutive defeat to Brisbane seemed inconceivable. Unfortunately, they couldn’t rediscover this level for the remainder of the match to lose a third game from their last five starts.

LAST FIVE: Melb (L), GWS (W), Rich (L), PA (W), BL (L).

NEXT FIVE: Ess (A), Syd (A), WCE (H), Coll (H), Fre (H).

14. (13) ST KILDA

The trip to China couldn’t have gone any worse for the Saints. After a strong start to the season they are in danger of falling off the pace.

LAST FIVE: GWS (L), WCE (L), Coll (L), Carl (W), PA (L).

NEXT FIVE: GC (A), BL (H), Rich (H), NM (A), Gee (A).


They were game against the Eagles in Perth but couldn’t prevent a third consecutive defeat. Will look to come back after the bye with a revenge laden victory over Carlton after losing to them earlier in the season.

LAST FIVE: Rich (W), BL (W), Gee (L), NM (L), WCE (L).

NEXT FIVE: Carl (A), Coll (H), PA (A), Gee (H), Melb (H).

16. (16) MELBOURNE

When does this season end?


NEXT FIVE: Fre (H), BL (A), Carl (A), WB (A), WCE (H).

17. (18) CARLTON

With interim coach David Teague in the box, the Blues six game losing streak came to an end on the back of a monumental performance from skipper Patrick Cripps. If they can repeat the effort against the Bulldogs, they a real chance to record back to back victories for the first time since Rd’s 12-13 in 2017.

LAST FIVE: Coll (L), GWS (L), StK (L), Ess (L), BL (W).

NEXT FIVE: WB (H), Fre (A), Melb (H), Syd (A), GC (H).

18. (17) GOLD COAST

It was a better performance from the Suns against the Kangaroos but they still fell to their eighth consecutive defeat. Will consider themselves a genuine chance to break this stretch when they host the Saints this weekend in Townsville.

LAST FIVE: WCE (L), Melb (L), PA (L), Gee (L), GWS (L), NM (L).

NEXT FIVE: StK (H), Syd (A), Rich (H), Ade (H), Carl (A).

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