CWC19: Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh – What did we learn?

What did we learn after another Washout in the World Cup?

For the third game out of 18, and the second in a row, we had a washout. Not a rain-reduced match, which can be exciting and hard to predict, but one in which there was absolutely no play at all, and that is simply not good enough, England. If you can’t provide matches where we can actually play the game, you shouldn’t be hosting.

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I even went so far as to work out who would win if there is no more play and the answer is New Zealand. Congratulations, New Zealand, on your first World Cup trophy. They’d “beat” India in the final, but not to worry because if the final is washed out then the trophy is shared, so congratulations to India too. The losing semi-finalists would be Australia (to New Zealand) and England (to India).

As for Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, both miss out. Sri Lanka were widely expected to finish winless here, but already have one win and now two washouts. That’s four more points than most people predicted, and they sit just outside the semi-final positions. As for Bangladesh, this washout puts them one step closer to being knocked out, although, in fairness, they are one game ahead of South Africa still.

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