AFL 2019: Five things we are looking forward to Saturday – Round 13

Another Bye Weekend

Don’t you love the bye weekends? I think it’s pretty selfish of the AFL and the players.  All we get is “we’re pretty tired after half a season and would love some time to go home and reintroduce ourselves to our wives and kids – maybe even head up to the farm and catch up with the folks before the bank repossesses the house”.
They play one game on a weekend, sometimes none if they’re injured or suspended.  I’ve been known to watch up to six full games on a weekend and you don’t hear my complaining about not seeing my wife (who now I think of it might have left me).  I don’t expect or even ask for a rest and I think the players need to take a leaf out of my book.

I’ve been everywhere man

St Kilda will this weekend take the honours as the team who has played at the most grounds.  38.  I didn’t even know we had 38 teams.  Where can all these grounds be?  If it’s not tough enough flying back from China with a queue to rest rooms due to some dodgy pork buns, no sooner are the drips pulled out than they get sent to RS Stadium.  
Apparently RS stands for Riverway Stadium and not what you were thinking but I’d better find out where it is
Hey Siri, where is Riverway Stadium?
”I found one option, Tony Ireland Stadium on Sporting Drive in Condon”. Apparently that is the right place although I wonder what Tony Ireland did wrong for the AFL to call the ground something else.  Anyway that makes my Siri experiment less funny than I’d hoped.

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The Match-Up

I don’t meant to be disparaging but I probably will be.  The AFL website has “The Match-Up” to watch for the Gold Coast St Kilda game as being between Tim Membrey and Jack Hombsch. It’s hardly Carey vs Jakovich or Rance vs Franklin, or even Fraser Anning vs Egg Boy.
Four outs for Gold Coast and seven outs for St Kilda means there are hardly any match ups left.
Nick Hind, a mature ager from Essendon VFL makes his debut for St Kilda. Also watch Jack Lukosius, Ben King, Josh Battle.

The Chip Cup

I’m sorry if I sound grumpy today, I’m just casting my mind to the next thing I have to write which is four things I’m looking forward to on Sunday and there is one game – at 3:20pm.  These television stations wanting football to go straight into the news have a lot to answer for.  Who the hell watches the 6 o’clock news anyway? There’s more ads than news and the only interesting stuff is the out of control party somewhere overnight and a male politician doing a press conference without a tie because it’s the weekend.
The Dockers and the Power will play for the Chip Cup this weekend.  This is because these teams both have chips on their respective shoulders over their perceived second ranking in their respective states.  The Dockers have never won a grand final and are constantly reminded of this by Eagles fans. While Port Adelaide, borne of Port Adelaide SANFL which has about 8000 flags is still regarded as the little bother of the Adelaide Crows.  These teams site 8th and 9th.  It doesn’t matter who sits where just now, maybe in Round 23 it will.  Their positions are symptomatic of their middle of the road seasons and I’m expecting a middle of the road game. I’m tipping one of the teams to win by 27 points (a kind of middle of the road margin).

Everyone loves a “tough times come good” story

The problem with this one is only one can be the “tough times come good” story and the other will be an “oh shit” story.
Carlton have some momentum after their first up win under new David Teague but lose this one and last week’s win is consigned to the old “dead cat bounce”.  If the Blues manage to get up the Bulldogs will be nervous. What is going on at the Kennel?  
One thing is for sure Luke Beveridge hasn’t updated his resume on Seek. It’s still the one from 2017 which has the last milestone listed as “Coached Western Bulldogs to their first grand final since 1961” and there may be a few clubs logging in with their recruiter access looking for a suitable candidate.  The last two years didn’t happen did they Luke?

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