CWC19: India vs New Zealand – What did we learn?

Will we see another game played in this World Cup?

I wonder now if I should try to get a job as some kind of a professional psychic. Okay, so I got the Bangladesh vs South Africa match wrong, but who honestly got it right? Nobody who got anything else right. But what I did get right was my prediction that this match would be a washout. I even calculated that, if there was no more play in the World Cup that these two teams would share the trophy.

They still would after this washout.

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For reference, this is the fourth washout this World Cup, after 18 games, just over one-third of the total games, so we are on track for around 12 washouts if this continues. In comparison, no other World Cup has had more than 2. And yet nobody thought to add in reserve days.

The reserve days may have been washed out too. Next time, perhaps the organisers could worry more about having the tournament during a time of the year when it doesn’t rain constantly. They seemed to care more about giving in to India’s wishes than worrying about making it watchable. If this keeps up, I might just have to rate this as the worst World Cup ever. At least in the 2007 World Cup final they had some play before the rain came. This is worse.

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