CWC19: India vs Pakistan – Five Fearless Predictions

One of the most anticipated matches of the tournament but what should we expect when India meet Pakistan in Manchester?

Every World Cup it is the same. India and Pakistan play each other and every person from either country, regardless of where they are currently living, gets excited. Pakistanis are sure that this time they will win, while Indians are confident that they will, and, every time, it is the same result: India win. Even when Pakistan won their World Cup trophy, back in 1992, India still beat them. Not only that, but if Pakistan are to repeat their 1992 efforts, they should lose this one, as they started that one with loss to West Indies, win, washout, loss, loss, before they had 3 wins in a row. This time around they’ll need 4 as there is an extra team, and 5-3-1 might not be enough to make the semi-finals, but in 1992 4-3-1 was enough so it might be. Every single statistic says that India will win. But will they really?

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Five Fearless Predictions

(1) If it is washed out, there will be hell to pay

This is the marquee match of the tournament. Other than the semi-finals and final, this match is the most anticipated one for all neutral fans. Even if neither make the semi-finals, this is the one to watch. If this one ends up being a wash out, then England will be banned from hosting World Cups in June. How stupid was that anyway? August is a better month for England’s rain. June is literally the dumbest month in the year to host a cricket tournament. If this match is washed out, there will be no forgiveness. It will be replayed, no doubt. There’s no way around it. The tournament organisers had better hope it doesn’t rain.

(2) India will win, of course

India always win in World Cups, which is curious, as their overall head to head record heavily favours Pakistan. This time around, what with India being 2nd favourites and Pakistan only 6th, as well as India being unbeaten while Pakistan lost to West Indies, there isn’t a whole lot of hope for Pakistan. The one good thing for them is that Pakistan beat the absolute favourites in England. But then they lost to Australia after that. It just doesn’t look likely.

(3) Bumrah will fire

He’s been one of the best bowlers of this World Cup, if not the absolute best, and he looks set to strike hard again against Pakistan.

(4) Mohammad Amir will fire

He took a lazy 5 wickets at an economy of just on 3 per over against Australia, when Australia as a whole went at 6 per over, and with the kind of form he is in it looks like he will be scary for India too.

(5) This will be one of the most exciting matches

I’m not talking about margins here, but the hype is real. India will undoubtedly win by a huge margin, but Pakistan fans will still be excited by it. Indian fans will then rub their noses in it, and we will have fighting between the two groups before the game, after the game, and especially during the game. Most of it will be incredibly inaccurate, boastful and ridiculous. But it is fun for neutrals to see it.

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