CWC19: England vs Sri Lanka – Five Fearless Predictions

One of the tournaments best performed meets one of it’s poorest performers. Recipe for disaster or for the upset of World Cup 2019?

There isn’t much to say here. One of the worst teams in the tournament are up against one of the best. The only thing to work out is how big of an upset it would be if Sri Lanka somehow manage a miracle win. It’d certainly be huge, probably bigger even than Bangladesh’s win over South Africa, especially given that Bangladesh went on to beat West Indies and threatened New Zealand as well. Sri Lanka have only beaten Afghanistan so far, and even then it was close, though, in fairness, they’ve only lost one match too. Could there be a miracle? It’d be the biggest upset of the World Cup if they manage it. It sounds strange, talking about a former World Cup champion against a team that has never won a World Cup but current form is current form, and current form says that England are in wonderful form while Sri Lanka stink.

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Five Fearless Predictions:

(1) England will win easily

I’m putting this as my first prediction to highlight just how likely this is to occur. England are on an 8-match 300+ streak, the longest 300+ streak of all time, they are the world’s number 1 team and they are doing seriously well right now. They just beat Afghanistan by 150 runs and will probably beat Sri Lanka by a similar margin.

(2) Jofra Archer will shine

He’s been good so far but this looms as a match where he will step it up a notch, maybe to get his first 5 wicket haul even.

(3) Pick an English batsman to explode – Joe Root?

I picked Eoin Morgan last time and, while it really could be anyone, for this match I am picking Joe Root. He was pretty good in the last match and I felt was just holding back a bit as his partner at the other end was smashing 6s galore. Let’s pick Joe Root to be the aggressor next match and get a big score at a huge rate.

(4) England will score more than 300 (if they bat first)

It’d be a shame if their run ended because they lost the toss and bowled and Sri Lanka didn’t get past 300. If England cared about records, they might even risk letting Sri Lanka get 300 runs just to keep the record going. The problem is that Sri Lanka might not be able to score that quickly or keep enough wickets intact, and their tail is pretty long.

(5) This would be the biggest upset of the World Cup if Sri Lanka won

I’ve tried to work out a scenario in which Sri Lanka wins but I can’t imagine one, I’m afraid. It’s obviously possible, but just so unlikely. England bat so strongly so deep that even some early wickets won’t be a bother, and their bowling has so many great options. Sri Lanka have Karunaratne and an ageing Lasith Malinga and that’s about it. It’s one-way traffic here surely.

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