AFL 2019: What Are We Looking Forward to Round 15

Eddie Langtree gives us his unique take on what we have to look forward to in Round 15

Goal Review Improvements

Ugh – I’ve been looking forward to this all season, whether or not the AFL can do something about that by Sunday remains to be seen. Maybe a bunker type thing full of screens, an experienced umpire to do the reviewing and a blessing from Gil to “take your time” to get the decision right are what is needed to … get this right. What’s that? No, I haven’t seen the Essendon GWS replay yet.

Lacking McGovernance

The Eagles, sans Jeremy McGovern head over to the MCG to take on the Hawks. Hawthorn have had trouble in the forward line this season and brought back Jarrod Roughead last week who from all reports “goes alright”. In an apparent attempt to offset the unjust loss of McGovern when it was the chair that was responsible for the savage attack on Richard Guelfi (which put Guelfi in a taxi), Hawthorn have left Roughead out again so the Eagles won’t feel the loss too hard.
Oh and a guy named Natanui is back after the knee injury he suffered last year at the same venue. He’s just signed a three year contract extension which messes up my Tim Kelly theory.

The Hobart Weather

The Sydney Swans, a team relocated from the Lake Oval in 1982 take on the Gold Coast Suns, a team who should be relocated to Tasmania. Buddy isn’t injured so there’s not much to look forward to. Maybe Tom Papley – he’s always worth watching, even though everyone hates a small forward.
If Gold Coast did move to Tasmania would they still be called “The Suns”? The Tasmania Suns is an oxymoron really. To call them The Launceston Rain is a bit more Fremantle. The Hobart Weather ticks some boxes. “How bad’s The Weather today?” or “The Weather has been unpredictable but look forward to some stability in the coming days followed by an unseasonal hot spell”. It also kills off two subjects in one for those like me, who hate small talk.

The Macedonian Marvel II

Josh Daicos gets his first look at the ones this week coming in for the injured Jeremey Howe – hardly a like for like. Daicos is a smooth mover and has been racking up big numbers in the VFL.
Also look forward to see how Collingwood covers the loss of Howe. There’s not obvious choice unless one of the backmen repurposed as forwards, gets sent back to cover – we are talking Ben Reid or Brody Mihocek here in. Note also the Matt Scharenberg is named as an emergency despite Buckley stating that he will not play this weekend.

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Power Up (or down?)

Port Adelaide beat the first placed Geelong last week. This was not completely unexpected. Geelong have a terrible back catalogue when it comes to coming off the bye, plus Port are good when they’re up. So this one, they should win too – Adelaide oval, two weeks in a row, coming up against the Bulldogs travelling after six days and a hard fought game against Collingwood. So Port should win this. Bulldogs for me.

New Saints, Old Saints

St Kilda get Jack Steele back after taking some time out . But by far the biggest in for St Kilda is another recycled backman in former Carlton player Sam Rowe. Rowe comes in to replace Jonathon Marsh, another recycled backman who in turn replaced Nathan Brown. There’s a pattern here and it’s not a good one. The Saints will lose this to Richmond which will pile more pressure on the guy keeping Brad Scott’s seat warm.

On a Roll

Melbourne is on a roll – they beat the Dockers last week at the MCG. What’s odd is that this was an upset. So there’s only been one revolution but we will call it a roll. Brisbane is also on roll of one with their last loss came unexpectedly at the hands of Carlton. Brisbane need to win five of their next nine games to make finals and I think they can pencil this one in. We can look forward to what we have come to expect from Brisbane, lots of run, quick ball movement and some real quality kids coming up

Guns Out

This isn’t a “Sun’s out, guns out” think. Showers increasing for Sunday at Optus Stadium. Some big guns missing on both sides – Jesse Hogan, Stephen Hill (only back from injury a week again), Patrick Cripps and Harry McKay. That’s a bit of star power missing so will be interesting to see how these losses are covered. This benefits Fremantle more because Carlton do not have the depth to cover Cripps

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