CWC19: West Indies vs Sri Lanka – Five Fearless Predictions

What are Adrian Meredith’s Five Fearless Predictions for Sri Lanka v West Indies

The first of a series of dead rubbers we knew would happen at the tail end of this round robin contest sees a West Indian side ranked 7th now, but having been as low as 9th as at the World Cup Qualifier against a Sri Lankan side who has slipped to their lowest ranking since they started playing test cricket, at 9th, and yet both teams had some hope of qualifying for the semi-finals, with West Indies the form team early while Sri Lanka’s shock win over England, as well as being involved in 2 washouts, gave them a chance right up until England’s defeat of India. In a game being played for pride, who wants it more?

Five Fearless Predictions:

(1) West Indies’ bowling will rock

We’ve seen since the start that West Indies have had some powerful bowling, bouncing out Pakistan and all but doing the same thing to Australia, but since then it has been dealt with somewhat. But Sri Lanka haven’t faced that kind of bowling and how they handle it is another matter entirely. Can they cope with 5, perhaps 6, ferocious bowlers pounding in? Probably not.

(2) It’s Chris Gayle time

He’s had a lot of fanfare about him but hasn’t done a whole lot so I am picking this match for him to get a big one.

(3) Lasith Malinga will shine

He’s been up and down a bit in the tournament so I am picking this game to be one where he is up, and takes a bundle of wickets.

(4) Karunaratne will do well

He’s been a bit off his game the last few games so I am picking a return to form.

(5) West Indies will win

We’ve seen lately a return to the best teams winning, something that was absent at various stages of the tournament, so I am picking for West Indies to win, as the better team. There is certainly a chance for Sri Lanka but I think West Indies should come home and bring some pride for their team.

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