Midweek Magpies – An Afternoon to Forget

It’s taken Eddie a while but he has finally sifted through the wreckage to give his take on the loss to the Kangaroos.

Sorry for the late submission but, it has taken me nearly a whole week to get over that, what a pile of shit. A few years back we beat North after being 30 odd points down late in the third quarter and the memory of that kept me watching – just in case. But it just got worse … and worse. Only beating NZ in the cricket could take me mind off it.

Sometimes teams have one of those days.

This wasn’t one of those days, it was a massive steaming turd of a day. The scoreboard flattered us and it’s only because Ben Brown has the kicking skills of a sea squirt that we didn’t lose by more.
Collingwood has been inconsistent all year and have only won 60% of the quarters and we begged for a consistent four quarter effort. Well sometimes you have to watch what you wish for. We got four consistent quarters but they were all shit.

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Bucks was scathing after the ugly loss against the Western Bulldogs but instead of a good old fashioned flogging at training it looks like the boys got a father and son pie night followed by a goal setting session with iced vovos and Milo.

Then end is not is sight. Having Howe and Langdon out of the back line is robbing is of interceptors. Crispy and Maynard appear to be taking kicking lessons from Ben Brown and the tackle coach (do we even have a tackle coach) was headhunted from the local fishing store. “Tackle is my life” was what he said in the interview and Gary Pert (let’s blame him because he’s gone) said “I know his grammar is bad but you can’t hang him for that”.

It was good to see Shaz back after Bucks promised he wouldn’t play. He looked rusty but will be good for the run. It’s a tough month ahead starting with Friday night vs Hawthorn. A Friday night win can have you smiling all weekend. Conversely a loss against a side who on form we should beat – I can’t imagine it.

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AFL 2019 – ROUND 15

COLLINGWOOD              1.3    3.3    4.4        5.7 (37)
NORTH MELBOURNE     2.7   4.8    8.14    11.15 (81)

Collingwood: Cox 2, Mihocek, Phillips, De Goey
North Melbourne: Ziebell 3, Turner 2, Davies-Uniacke 2, Wood, Thomas, Polec, Larkey

Collingwood: Treloar, Moore, Phillips, Pendlebury, Greenwood
North Melbourne: Ziebell, Cunnington, Pittard, Simpkin, Anderson, Atley, Thompson

Collingwood: Aish (hamstring) replaced in selected side in Scharenberg, Reid (calf), Sier (concussion)
North Melbourne: Hayden (Achilles)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Haussen, Chamberlain, Whetton

Official crowd: 38,801 at Marvel Stadium

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