What are we looking forward to this weekend?

Eddie Langtree takes us through what he is looking forward to this weekend.

An unlikely win

I’m not sure if the recent lack of momentum for Collingwood is caused by lack of velocity or the excess weight of all the players being carried by Brodie Grundy and Jordan Roughead. Either way they are not travelling well. A highly unlikely win against the Eagles who ski downhill like a five year old in a toboggan on K2 would make my weekend more enjoyable.


There’s only so much football to go around between the members of one family. Andrew McGovern got a bit, albeit without giving the statistician RSI. Jeremy gets a bit of the ball, primarily because some teams (I’m looking at you Collingwood) just seem to think he’s a nice fella and should be given the football. Unfortunately for Mitch, between Dad and big bro, there is “NO FOOTBALL (left) FOR YOU”. There’s an obscure Seinfeld reference there somewhere, I just can’t put my finger on it. Anyway Mitch has in the past few rounds seen less pigskin than a Jewish vegan and has been managed. At work we call it “performance management”. I think he might be on his first warning.

Managed 2

In case you didn’t see it, Aaron Sandilands played his first game for the season last week against the Eagles. It wasn’t a close game and Sandilands and Rory Lobb joined forces to lose to Nic Nat and Tom Hickey. So after one game back Sandilands is left out, managed. I don’t know what that means. Is he sore, is he out of form? With respect, after one game back, he was never in form. Maybe it’s an age thing and Sandi needs to be talking to the Fair Work Commission.

Game of the Round

This didn’t look likely earlier in the season but looking forward to this above all others. While Essendon have underachieved so far this season, North are catching up with expectation after a terrible start. Both are hard working teams with momentum with a good chance of playing finals. it seems I have underestimated Zac Clarke but he has his work cut out this week against Todd Goldstein, who unlikle Aliir Aliir is actually a ruckman.

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Surely not Crows

Gold Coast were unconvincing in their narrow 92 point loss to Richmond last week but this will happen when you remove Richmond from their kryptonite – which happens to come in Cairns.
Adelaide played OK for a half against Port but whatever they did at half time? Here’s a tip, don’t do it again.
Don’t count the Suns out here.


Surely the biggest talking point this weekend is whether Geelong can claw their way out of the mid season slump. They’ve lost two of the last three and have plummeted to first on the ladder.
They come up against the Saints at the Cattery in a what looms as a danger game for anyone from the big smoke driving to Geelong – including St Kilda players.

Fire up the bandwagon

The Richmond bandwagon is getting some momentum. One of their cleverer fans has just realised that they have the same number of wins as they did in 2017 at the same point of the season. Even their percentage is vaguely similar. No-one seems concerned that they are missing a ruckman and an all Australian full back. Richmond come up against GWS who are not in great touch and lose Josh Kelly and whose momentum is waning only slightly less than that of Collingwood.


If things keep going the way they are #kiwiforaday


Usually the Sunday late afternoon game is like the Big Day Out after the headliner has finished and some obscure doof comes on while people filter out and the neighbours check their watches to see if it’s time to call the Ranger and lodge a noise complaint.
Instead this week we get Brisbane and Port Adelaide. Two great sides with some quality youth who are exciting and move the ball quickly. Problem is, Port was on the upswing last week so may well be down on Sunday. A home game makes it even more likely they will win and hence, more likely they will lose.

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