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The Lions rise in 2019 has definitely been one of the stories of the season. After five straight wins they have roared into premiership contention.

LAST FIVE: StK (W), Melb (W), GWS (W), PA (W), NM (W).

NEXT FIVE: Haw (A), WB (H), GC (H), Gee (H), Rich (A).


Pushed all the way by Melbourne in the Alice, but a one-point defeat is the only blip on their copy book over the last five weeks.

LAST FIVE: Ess (W), Haw (W), Fre (W), Coll (L), Melb (W).

NEXT FIVE: NM (H), Carl (A), Ade (H), Rich (A), Haw (H).

3. (1) GEELONG

Sitting on top of the ladder means it isn’t exactly time to sound the alarms but the Cats form over the last five weeks has been a long way short of their opening to the season.

LAST FIVE: PA (L), ADE (W), WB (L), StK (W), Haw (L).

NEXT FIVE: Syd (A), Fre (A), NM (H), BL (A), Carl (H).


Confidence is high out at Tullamarine, and after the Bombers recorded their fourth win in succession, a top four finish is not outside the realm of possibility.

LAST FIVE: WCE (L), GWS (W), Syd (W), NM (W), Ade (W).

NEXT FIVE: GC (A), PA (H), WB (H), Fre (A), Coll (A).


Talking about teams with their eyes on a top four berth, with the sides ahead of them stumbling in the run in to September, the Tigers are starting to look more and more like a premiership threat with every passing week.

LAST FIVE: Ade (L), StK (W), GC (W), GWS (W), PA (W).

NEXT FIVE: Coll (A), Melb (A), Carl (H), WCE (H), BL (H).


Was the win in the west a false dawn? The Magpies are struggling to produce their best consistently and it might prove costly if they cannot find a way to do so.

LAST FIVE: WB (W), NM (L), Haw (L), WCE (W), GWS (L).

NEXT FIVE: Rich (H), GC (H), Melb (A), Ade (A), Ess (H).

7. (14) HAWTHORN

After three consecutive wins the Hawks now sit just a game outside the top eight and have a genuine shot at another busy September.

LAST FIVE: Syd (L), WCE (L), Coll (W), Fre (W), Gee (W).

NEXT FIVE: BL (H), NM (A), GWS (A), GC (H), WCE (A).

8. (10) CARLTON

Four wins from their last six games means the Blues are one of the form teams in the competition. Less than two months ago their future appeared bleak but now it seems incredibly bright.

LAST FIVE: WB (L), Fre (W), Melb (L), Syd (W), GC (W).

NEXT FIVE: Ade (H), WCE (H), Rich (A), StK (H), Gee (A).

9. (12) GWS

Nothing in recent weeks suggested that Saturday night’s performance against Collingwood was just around the corner but it has breathed life into their previously flagging top four hopes. Their trip to Adelaide this week may go a long way to deciding the fates of both teams in 2019.

LAST FIVE: NM (W), ESS (L), BL (L), Rich (L), Coll (W).

NEXT FIVE: PA (A), Syd (H), Haw (H), WB (H), GC (A).

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10. (8) ADELAIDE

The Crows missed a big chance to strengthen their finals credentials in coughing up a 30-point lead against the Bombers at home. Their finals hopes remain entirely within their own control but their room for error is growing ever smaller.

LAST FIVE: Rich (W), Gee (L), PA (L), GC (W), Ess (L).

NEXT FIVE: Carl (A), StK (H), WCE (A), Coll (H), WB (A).


The sniff of finals has grown a little feint for the Bulldogs after their loss to the struggling Saints. Will need to be a lot better and hope for a bit of luck if they are to return to September for the first time since the 2016 flag.

LAST FIVE: Coll (L), PA (W), Gee (W), Melb (W), StK (L).

NEXT FIVE: Fre (H), BL (H), Ess (A), GWS (A), Ade (H).


Their loss to Brisbane meant back to back heartbreakers for the Kangaroos as they continue to show considerable improvement under Rhys Shaw. Their hopes of a fairytale finals berth would appear unlikeley but they have the opportunity to play spoiler over the coming weeks.

LAST FIVE: GWS (L), Coll (W), StK (W), Ess (L), BL (L).

NEXT FIVE: WCE (A), Haw (H), Gee (A), PA (H), Melb (H).


Sit just a game outside the eight but look a long way off the pace.

LAST FIVE: Gee (W), WB (L), Ade (W), BL (L), Rich (L).

NEXT FIVE: GWS (H), Ess (A), Syd (H), NM (A), Fre (H).

14. (11) SYDNEY

Perth is a long way to go for a one point loss, even more so when a Geelong team licking their wounds is awaiting you on your return home.

LAST FIVE: HAW (W), GC (W), Ess (L), Carl (L), Fre (L).

NEXT FIVE: Gee (H), GWS (A), PA (A), Melb (A), StK (H).

15. (15) MELBOURNE

They pushed the premiers all the way in the Alice but the end of the season can’t come soon enough for the Demons.

LAST FIVE: Fre (W), BL (L), Carl (W), WB (L), WCE (L).

NEXT FIVE: StK (A), Rich (H), Coll (H), Syd (H), NM (A).

16. (16) FREMANTLE

It wasn’t pretty but their one point win means the Dockers remain close enough to the top eight if they are good enough.

LAST FIVE: Melb (L), Carl (L), WCE (L), Haw (L), Syd (W).

NEXT FIVE: WB (A), Gee (H), StK (A), Ess (H), PA (A).

17. (17) ST KILDA

A tumultuous week ended in the best possible way for the Saints with a strong victory over the Western Bulldogs. With four games to play against teams outside the top eight a strong finish is not beyond them.

LAST FIVE: BL (L), Rich (L), NM (L), Gee (L), WB (W).

NEXT FIVE: Melb (H), Ade (A) Fre (H), Carl (A), Syd (A).

18. (18) GOLD COAST

Had a sniff late, but in the end lacked the necessary class to avoid falling to a 13th consecutive defeat.

LAST FIVE: StK (L), Syd (L), Rich (L), Ade (L), Carl (L).

NEXT FIVE: Ess (H), Coll (H), BL (A), Haw (A), GWS (H).

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