Adelaide Analysis: Round 22 vs Collingwood

It was hard watching for Crows fans on the weekend, What did Joel Bowes think of the loss to Collingwood?

A terrible display is all that comes to mind. On Saturday morning we all had our hopes up, thinking we really were a genuine chance to play some decent footy and being ready to gear up for finals. Now we’ve been thrashed and once again we’re almost certain to miss September action.

Some serious changes need to be made at the club to make this work, because 2017 seems so long ago now. Some of the boys were better than others, but we had so many passengers this week. There were however, some great moments from individuals, but not enough as a team to make our game play work.

Three Best Moments

Hartigan’s second term spoil to save a certain goal

He’s been under plenty of heat lately but Hartigan played one of his better games in recent times this week and this classy defensive effort was the best of it.

The Fog’s long goal

Showing plenty of potential is Fogarty who looks entrenched in the side.

Eddie Bett’s 600th goal

The legend himself slammed home number 600 this week, Eddie Betts you are a champion

Players of the Week

Brodie Smith: Provided good run and carry and collected plenty of footy

Darcy Fogarty: Three great goals and plenty of energy once again from the prodigy himself

Paul Seedsman: Racked up plenty of ball in his 100th match and played a great game to get back into the side.

Daniel Talia: Collected lots more possessions than ordinary but played very well and consistently as always

Let’s look ahead to the Bulldogs next week and hope we bring a very different brand of football.

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AFL 2019 ROUND 22

ADELAIDE                   0.5       2.6       3.8       6.12 (48)
COLLINGWOOD          2.2       5.5       11.8     17.12 (114)

 Fogarty 3, Douglas, Lynch, Betts
Collingwood: Elliott 5, Thomas 3, Adams 2, Hoskin-Elliott 2, Phillips 2, Varcoe 2, Maynard

Adelaide:Smith, Seedsman, Laird, B.Crouch
Collingwood:Elliott, Treloar, Pendlebury, Maynard, Crisp, Howe

 Riley Knight (hip soreness) replaced in selected side by Chayce Jones
Collingwood: Nil 

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Dalgleish, Chamberlain, Ryan

Official crowd: 48,175 at Adelaide Oval

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