AFL 2019: What are we looking forward to this weekend?

Stuck for ideas on what to do on a football free weekend? Eddie Langtree understands your pain.

Not &*@^ing much, I can promise you that. For the last four months we’ve had cricket and football on all weekend and we’ve been happily channel surfing and overdosing on what are, on the world stage, niche sports. Did no one at the AFL look at the Ashes fixturing. Talk about feast or famine.

Rising Star

Was there ever a more predictable winner of the Rising Star than Sam Walsh. Seriously if he doesn’t will I will perform some sort of public stunt which I will keep under my hat until I find out if he actually wins. The ceremony is held on Friday afternoon, presumably because they don’t want to keep the kids up too late They get tired and grumpy and just plain unsociable. Kids need to toughen up, it’s not even a school night.
This is a good batch though. Walsh is the standout, Zurhaar a sentimental favourite but Blakey will be the best of this bunch when we look back in ten years.

Veterans’ Game – Friday Night

Yeah, nah

The Brownlow

A week where there is no football and the season is over seems a good weekend to present the F&B for the comp. Nope, we will do it Grand Final week – because there’s not enough happening that week already. Think of the benefits, players in finals could actually attend, and players not in finals could head off to find themselves in Machu Picchu rather than sit around for four weeks being constantly reminded that their side wasn’t good enough. Do it Gil.

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Local Footy

Time to get out the scarf and park the car around the local oval perimeter fence. Let the battery go flat because you left the demister on and drink VB, not because you like it but because we are at the footy. The cans are $4 and they sell them still closed in six packs out of the canteen/bar even though every beer is supposed to be opened. Buggered if I’m doing half a lap of the ground in the rain for one can. East Burwood Reserve on Sunday to see Mitcham take on Heathmont looks like a plan. You can even sneak your beer onto the ground at 3/4 time to listen to the respective sprays. It’s all or nothing here, curtains for the loser.
Don’t forget to beep the horn after a goal.


If you looked at ladder positions, you’d be justified in wondering why Simon Goodwin has escaped significant criticism while the Crows are being attacked like an unkindess of ravens attacks the neighbour’s recently road killed cat.
I can’t work out what’s happening at Crows’ HQ? Where is Crows’ HQ anyway, is it still Football Park? I thought that had been closed down and turned into a Costco. That’s not a rhetorical question, if you know the answer hit me up.
Has an any preseason camp ever had the repercussions that 2018 had for Adelaide? What really happened? Were there spirits exorcised – perhaps it was the role playing activities – these can be super awkward. It’s gripping watching a power club like Adelaide eat itself. There are movers and shakers down there who just need to move, somewhere else. I’m looking at you Mark Riccuito.

Take in some culture

Titus O’Reilly is performing his latest show, I think I will go and check it out. he’s funnier than me but my football team is better.

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