Thanks Coach: Five Best Wins of the Pyke Era

Joel Bowes takes us through the best five wins of the Don Pyke era.

With Don Pyke out of a job we look back at the best five wins of his time at the Crows. Pyke served from 2016-2019 as the top dog in Adelaide, taking his team to finals on two occasions, culminating in a Grand Final appearance in 2017.

5. Rd 10, 2017 v Fremantle

Adelaide delivered Ross Lyon his first ever 100 point loss as a coach in a mauling at the Adelaide Oval. The Crows couldn’t be contained as they ran all over the Dockers in all facets, and the margin could have been a lot, lot more after the Crows kicked in inaccurate 20 goals 23 behinds. The Crows had five players kick at least three goals, including four goals straight from unlikely hero Andy Otten.

ADELAIDE     5.9       9.18    16.21  20.23 (143)
FREMANTLE 1.0       2.1       4.2       6. 7 (43)

 Otten 4, Jenkins 3, Milera 3, Betts 3, Cameron 3, Sloane 2, Walker, Jacobs
Fremantle: Tucker 2, Weller 2, McCarthy, Fyfe

Adelaide: M.Crouch, Sloane, Otten, Atkins, B.Crouch, Lever
Fremantle: Weller, Blakely, Hamling, Spurr

Adelaide: Nil
Fremantle: Nil

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Foot, Hosking, McInerney

Official crowd: 42,415 at Adelaide Oval

4. Round 3, 2017 v Port Adelaide

A terrific effort from the Crows saw them roll the Power for what would be the first of two times in 2017. A close match the whole way through, the Power mounted a strong charge in the last term, coming within a kick after the Crows had a handy lead. The Crows then fought Port off, silencing the Power home crowd in an impressive three goal win.

PORT ADELAIDE   4.6   6.6   9.8    12.11 (83)
ADELAIDE             3.3   7.9  11.10   15.10 (100)

Port Adelaide: Wines 2, Wingard 2, R.Gray 2, Westhoff, Impey, Dixon, Boak, Eddy, Powell-Pepper
Adelaide: Walker 4, Betts 3, Otten 2, Knight 2, Lynch 2, Mackay, Sloane,

Port Adelaide: Wines, Ryder, Ebert, Byrne-Jones, Hartlett, Boak
Adelaide: Sloane, Douglas, Walker, Otten, Laird, Lynch, Knight

Port Adelaide: Nil
Adelaide: McGovern (hamstring)

 Paddy Ryder (Port Adelaide) reported for striking Adelaide’s Riley Knight in the fourth quarter

 Dagleigh, Meredith, Williamson

Official crowd: 

3. Round 12, 2016 v West Coast

After trailing by 12 points at three quarter time, the Crows booted six goals in the final term and kept the Eagles scoreless, running out 29 point winners. The Crows hadn’t led since the first half of the first term, and stormed home to win in a classy effort in the strong hold of Perth.

WEST COAST     5.6    9.6    11.10    11.10 (76)
ADELAIDE         3.1    6.5      9.10    15.15 (105) 

West Coast: Kennedy 3, Darling 2, Yeo 2, Hill, Hutchings, Gaff, Duggan.
Adelaide: Betts 5, Jenkins 3, Walker 2, Lynch, Douglas, M McGovern, Cameron, Atkins.

West Coast: Priddis, Yeo, Gaff, McGovern, Hill, Shuey.
Adelaide: Sloane, Betts, Thompson, Laird, M. Crouch, Talia, Jenkins, Lynch.

West Coast:
 Mackenzie (ill) replaced in selected side by Barrass, Bulter (groin) replaced in selected side by Ellis.
Adelaide: TBA

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Hay, Rosebury, Farmer.

Official crowd: 37,591 at Domain Stadium

2. 2017 Preliminary Final v Geelong

Adelaide destroyed the Cats at home to enter their first Grand Final since 1998. The Crows were ruthless from the off in their most important win in a long time. The atmosphere was electric at this game and when the final siren sounded, Don Pyke was the Messiah. An epic match for Crows fans with so much significance.

ADELAIDE       6.3       11.7     14.10   21.10 (136)
GEELONG        1.2       5.8       8.11     10.15 (75)

 Cameron 5, Jenkins 4, Walker 2, Betts 2, Lynch 2, Seedsman 2, Jacobs, Otten, M.Crouch, Knight
Geelong: Dangerfield 2, Cockatoo, Duncan, Selwood, Lang, Hawkins, Motlop, Henderson, Menegola

Adelaide: Laird, Cameron, M.Crouch, Seedsman, B.Crouch, Talia
Geelong: J.Selwood, Motlop, Taylor, Mackie, Dangerfield

Adelaide: Nil
Geelong: S.Selwood (hamstring), Lonergan (corked quad), J.Selwood (groin)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Rosebury, Stevic, Schmitt

Official crowd: 53,817 at Adelaide Oval

1. Round 20, 2018 v Port Adelaide

One of the greatest Showdowns in history and sweet revenge on the old enemy has to be the best win this side has managed in the last four years. Bryce Gibbs, Matt Crouch and Rory Sloane were all huge as the Crows controversially beat the Power thanks to Josh Jenkins’s crucial maybe-poster. Crows fans still talk about this one to this day.

ADELAIDE                               5.3  7.8   9.14   13.18 (96)                  
PORT ADELAIDE                   5.39.5   10.9   14.9   (93)  

Adelaide: Jenkins 3, Sloane 2, Walker, Murphy, Greenwood, Gallucci, Lynch, Doedee, M.Crouch, Betts
Port Adelaide: Gray 4, Wingard 4, Farrell 3, Boak 2, Byrne-Jones

Adelaide: M.Crouch, Gibbs, Jenkins, Sloane, Atkins, Doedee
Port Adelaide: Gray, Polec, Wingard, Ryder, Byrne-Jones, Boak

Adelaide: Talia (right calf)
Port Adelaide: Nil

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Rosebury, Nicholls, Mitchell

Official crowd: 50,377 at the Adelaide Oval

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