Bozza’s Rant: Horn v Zerafa II

Michael Zerafa is unhappy to be fighting Jeff Horn again but does he have a right to be?

Michael Zerafa will square off with Jeff Horn once again on December 18, after shocking the former World Champion with his knockout victory in August. Unhappy with having to fight Horn once again, he has told anybody who will listen at the big paydays the rematch has cost him. Not since Sonny Bill Williams likened his five year, big money contract with Canterbury to slavery have we seen such rot from somebody being held to an agreement they entered into willingly.

“It was pretty disappointing that I got my opportunity and he [Horn] obviously put his foot down and stopped that from happening,” Zerafa told Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast in October. “But it is what it is and we’re at training camp now full swing and we’re looking forward to December 18 and again the same outcome and a different day.”

“We had a huge pay cut… it’s a more than $600,000 pay cut,” he said. “It is pretty disappointing, y’know, that we finally worked ourselves up the ladder and got that opportunity and he’s obviously put his foot down and stopped that from happening.”

Not content to leave his whining there, he shared his feelings once again at the press conference to announce the rematch. “The fact I had a world-title fight and Horn denied Australia that; I understand why he is getting hate mail and why everyone is turning on him – I see why Australia hates you,” Zerafa said. “I beat him fair and square but now he’s not only denied me a world-title shot but also money, a house, things that he already has.”

Bozza explains why this should be on your ‘to read’ list.

Sorry Michael, but this is utter tripe. Rather than stripping you of an opportunity, Horn actually gave you one in August. The reason why people are talking to you about World Title fights is because you had the chance to knock Horn out and the price you agreed for that chance was to give the man a rematch if you beat him.

Rather than Horn, the man you should be blaming for having to defeat him again for your title shot is the one you see in the mirror each morning. You agreed to the price you are paying for the opportunity to use him as a stepladder to bigger fights. The price to those fights wasn’t one win over Horn, it was two. So rather than demonising him, how about you worry about paying the price you agreed to and do your job.

At the end of the day, Horn hasn’t taken a world title shot away from you, he has given you the platform from which to earn one. Instead of whining about him holding you to the debt you willingly agreed to, you should be thanking him for the opportunity he has given you.

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