Top Five Saints Wins In The West

Hank Ryan gives us his Top Five Saints wins in WA.

The Saints haven’t had the best time in the West, having to wait until 1996 to secure their first win, against a sophomoric Dockers. Nevertheless, here’s 5 good ones.

1. R14, 1996 Vs. Fremantle, Subiaco

The Saints chalk up their first victory in Perth over the Dockers, 15.10.100 to 11.11.77.

The great Robert Harvey was superb, amassing 15 disposals in the first quarter and finishing with 35. 3 goals each to Peter Everitt, Aussie Jones and WA’s own Nicky Winmar were the main goal-scorers.

St Kilda 5.3 7.3 13.5 15.10 (100)
Fremantle 2.2 5.9 10.10 11.11 (77)

Best: St Kilda — Harvey, Everitt, Winmar, Burke, Jones, Shanahan. Fremantle — Watters, O’Reilly, McManus, Dhurrkay, Hunter, Jones. Goals: St Kilda — Winmar 3, Everitt 3, Jones 3, Brown, 3. Wakelin, Keogh, Loewe, Traianidis, Daniels. Fremantle — Hunter 3, Dhurrkay 3, Mann, Chisholm, Delaney, D. Parker, Callaghan.
Umpires: Scroop, Allen, McCauley.
Crowd: 17,563 at Subiaco Oval.

Former Eagles Skipper Guy McKenna shows how high he can count.

2. R22 1999 Vs. WCE, WACA

The eternally underrated Guy McKenna was so baffled by the level that the Saints were performing at that he called for a headcount. The count was the first since Essendon asked for a count against North Melbourne at Windy Hill in 1958. He was sure that the Saints were a man up, but the count proved otherwise.

The similarly underrated Andrew Thompson finished with 36 disposals and a goal, Rolls-Royce Robert Harvey had 32 and a familiar name to Bulldogs fans – Luke Beveridge kicked 3 majors. Ben Cousins was damaging with 25 and a snagger. With 19 possessions, Lenny Hayes also earned himself a long overdue Rising Star Nomination.

St Kilda 4.3 13.7 15.9 18.13 (121)
West Coast 3.5 5.6 7.7 12.8 (80)
Best: St Kilda – A Thompson, Hayes, Harvey. McLaren, Beveridge, D Wakelin. S. Wakelin. West Coast Eagles – Cousins, Phillip Matera. Crabb. Wirrpunda. Rintoul. Goals: St Kilda – Heatley 4. Mitchell 3. Beveridge 3. Everitt 2. Walton 2. Peckett. A Thompson. McLaren, Jones. West Coast Eagles – Phillip Matera 3. Gehrig 3. Cousins 2. Cummings, Williams, Morrison. White.
Umpires: Allen. Scroop, Coates
Crowd: 24,696 at WACA

3. R11, 1997 Vs. WCE, Subiaco

…And hell began to freeze. The Saints record their first win against the Eagles Powerhouse. The previous 8 games against the Eagles in Perth were losses at an average of 53 points.

A seven-goal first quarter was consolidated in bullshit rain at Subiaco in the second stanza, the victory highlighted by potential GOAT Robert Harvey, who gathered 35 possessions including 2 goals. West Australian and dual best and fairest Nicky Winmar was AWOL, but the Saints managed to prevail, running out winners by 16 points.

St Kilda 7.2 8.4 10.7 13.11 (89)
West Coast 3.0 3.5 9.611.7 (73)

Best: St Kilda — Harvey, Burke, Everitt, Smith, Thompson, Heatley.
West Coast — Kemp, Symmons, Morrison, Wooden, Peter Matera, Braun.
Goals: St Kilda — Heatley 4, Smith, Lappin, Thompson, Harvey 2, Everitt. West Coast — Heady 3, Morrison, Phillip Matera 2, Lovell, Symmons, Donnelly, Turnbull.
Umpires: Wenn, McCauley, Scroop.
Crowd: 29, 390. At Subiaco.

Be sure to check out our full recount of Harves’ milestone game in 2007.

2. Robert Harvey’s 350th, R12, Subiaco

The Extraordinary. Robert Harvey is one of modern football’s greats. 383 games, 2 brownlow medals. Limited success however, on the Western front.

This game was an outlier, the Saints coasted home, and our greatest champion celebrated in style, finishing with 30 possessions. I have his jumper.

Excuse the mess in the reflection, I have too many kids.

AFL 2007 – ROUND 12

West Coast 3.4 4.5 10.7 11.10 (76)
St Kilda 3.3 10.6 12.7 15. 9 (99)

BEST: West Coast – Cox, Braun, Kerr. St Kilda – Dal Santo, Harvey, Montagna, Koschitzke. GOALS: West Coast- Braun 2, Lynch 2, Cox, Graham, Hurn, Le Cras, Seaby, Staker. St Kilda – Koschitzke 4, Baker 2, Milne 2, Dal Santo 2, Clarke, Gilbert, Montagna, Riewoldt, Rix.

Umpires: Head, Hendrie, Goldspink
Injuries: Nil
Reports: Milne (Rough Conduct), Blake (Rough Conduct)
Crowd: 39,401 at Domain Stadium.

Daniel Healy after kicking his sixth goal against West Coast in 1998.
Daniel Healy had a starring role in the Saints come from the clouds win in 1998.

1. R6 1998 Vs WCE, Subiaco

Daniel Healy.

Ever heard of him? Thought not.

The Eagles of 1998 certainly have though. Virtual unknown Healy kicked 6, and so did Peter Everitt as the Saints pulled a swifty, running out 2 point winners.

The Saints, who were without co-captains Stewart Loewe and Nathan burke, as well as Barry Hall, Andrew Thompson and Darryl Wakelin found themselves 27 points down in the last quarter, in 27 degree Perth heat (it’s a different kind of heat).

Then, it turned.

Daniel Healy kicked his sixth partway through the last and the big blond-haired, dread-locked, probably-should-be-playing-bass-with-the-screaming-trees Peter Everitt also notched 3 last quarter goals to finish with 6. Everitt was instrumental in the win, he apparently gave an Al Pacino-in-Any-Given-Sunday (sorry-about-these-fucking-dashes) esque message at 3 quarter time.

Everitt, who had arguably his best ever AFL game, kicked six goals on his 24th birthday despite jibes, boos and taunts associated with his new hairstyle (they booed Roughy ffs). Interestingly, Fraser Gehrig kicked 4 for the Eagles.

St Kilda 3.2 8.8 10.13 18.13 (121)
West Coast 3.4 6.4 14.7 18.11 (119)

Best: St Kilda — Everitt, Winmar, Healy, Harvey, Wakelin, Jones. West Coast Eagles — Jakovich, Donnelly, Cousins, Banfield, Gardiner, Gehrig.
Goals: St Kilda — Healy 6, Everitt 6, Jones 2, Mitchell, Beveridge, Cripps, Winmar. West Coast Eagles — Donnelly 5, Gehrig 4. Phil Matera 2, Mcintosh 2, Morrison, Lovell, Heady, Gardiner, Cousins.
Umpires: Kennedy, Sercia, Ackland
Crowd: 36,152 at Subiaco.

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