Top Five Kangaroos of the 21st Century

Find out who Siobhan Waddell nominated as the Top Five Kangaroos of the 21st Century so far.

Adam Simpson Top Five Kangaroos of the 21st Century - The Pinch Hitters.

5.   Adam Simpson

Adam Simpson began his career in 1995 and played 306 games in total for the Kangaroos, playing 170 this century. He won the 2002 North Best and Fairest, and, in the same year, was in the All-Australian team. So highly regarded at the club, that he was appointed captain in 2004 and held that role until standing down in 2008.  Simpson was an outstanding mark and a great reader of the play. He was a ball magnet, always knew where to go to get the ball, which resulted in him being a high possession player.  Adam’s leadership, his marking ability and defensive pressure made him a great player for his Club.

Ben Cunnington Top Five Kangaroos of the 21st Century -  The Pinch Hitters

4.   Ben Cunnington

Ben Cunnington started his career in 2010 and up to this season, has played 209 games.  Ben won the Syd Barker for North’s best player in 2017 and 2019 and has made a name for himself for his clearances and contested work around the ball as well as being a great mark. The way he can find a man out wide, and in space, is rated second to none. Averaging 15.6 contested possessions per game, he ranks fifth in the league in this category.  Cunnington still has a lot to offer the Club and will be a integral member of the side for years to come.

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Drew Petrie Top Five Kangaroos of the 21st Century - The Pinch Hitters

3.   Drew Petrie

Drew Petrie played 316 games for North Melbourne and kicked 428 goals, He was North Melbourne’s leading goal kicker 5 times. Drew was in the All-Australian team in 2011 and won the Jason McCartney medal in 2008. Petrie was a player who when all hope was lost, would will his team across the line, by showing his marking ability, brilliance and attack on the ball. He was rarely beaten in a contest due to his second efforts.  If he couldn’t win the ball himself he would make it a 50-50 every time.

Glenn Archer Top Five Kangaroos of the 21st Century - The Pinch Hitters

2.   Glenn Archer

Glenn Archer played a remarkable 311 games over his career, 137 games between 2001-2007. He was in the 2002 All Australian side. He was also named in the North Melbourne Team of the Century. Archer was a skilled player; outstanding kick on both feet, very rarely missed a target. When played forward was an accurate kick for goal. He was a strong overhead, rarely beaten in the air, even by bigger opponents. There is no question he made it in my top 5 Kangaroos of the century. He was a beast when he attacked the ball, being labeled as one of the most courage’s players who ever played the game.  Glen won the Robert Rose Award for the most courageous player in the AFL six times, including the seasons 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006. Archer was the embodiment of the shinbone spirit. Every time he played you felt the pride of wearing the blue and white and playing for his teammates.

Brent Harvey Top Five Kangaroos of the 21st Century - The Pinch Hitters

1.   Brent Harvey

Who else but Brent Harvey would make it in as my number 1 of the top five Kangaroos of the 21st Century? Before his football career took off he was told he was told he was too small to play AFL, until Denis Pagan took a chance and saw the strength, pace, class and cleverness that Harvey possessed. He proved his critics wrong finishing his career on 432 games, 343 games were between 2001-2007, and being in the All-Australian side in 2005,2007 and 2008, as well as winning the best and fairest in the years 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010. Brent Harvey wore his heart on his sleeve every time he ran out on the field. His opponents could never get a handle on what he was going to do, being the number one player to be tagged week in and week out until retiring.

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