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After escaping with a draw, Richmond won’t be spending much time reviewing the tape from their match against the Pies. With another blockbuster Thursday night match ahead, expect to see the Tigers to bare their fangs next week.

Next FiveHAW (H)STK (A)WCE (A)??


The Pies were on fire in the first quarter against Richmond before taking the last three off. Remain undefeated, despite not scoring a goal after the sixth minute of the second quarter. Will be better for the outing.

Last FiveESS (W)GEE (W)GWS (L)WB (W)RICH (D)
Next FiveSTK (H)GWS (A)ESS (H)??

3. (3) GWS

We aren’t jumping off the Giants after one loss but they are on watch alert. With a point to prove against a Bulldogs team equally desperate for win, their Round Three match looms as a must watch.

Last FiveBL (W)COLL (W)RICH (L)GEE (W)NM (L)
Next FiveWB (A)COLL (H)HAW (H)??


After a massive victory over the Crows, the Power head north full of confidence. It’s no winter holiday on the Gold Coast for Port Adelaide but they will back themselves to return home still entrenched in the Top Four.

Last FiveSYD (W)NM (L)FRE (W)GC (W)ADE (W)
Next FiveFRE (A)WCE (H)BL (A)??


It’s no mean feat knocking off the Giants in Sydney which is why the football world is starting to take notice of the Kangaroos. With nine wins from their last fourteen games and four from their last five it looks as if there is something brewing at Arden Street.

Last FiveGEE (L)PA (W)MELB (W)STK (W)GWS (W)
Next FiveSYD (H)HAW (A)WB (A)??

6. (6) GEELONG

We are still to be sold on the Cats but they were impressive in the second half against the Hawks. The next three weeks appear very kind.

Next FiveCARL (H)MELB (H)GC (H)??


The Bombers backed up their Round One victory with an impressive victory over the Swans in Sydney. Have an opportunity over the next fortnight to consolidate their position in the top four.

Next FiveMELB (H)CARL (H)COLL (A)??


After their capitulation to the Cats, it feels a long time since they ended the 2019 season with a flurry. A tough examination awaits them over the next three weeks.

Last FiveGWS (W)GC (W)WCE (W)BL (W)GEE (L)
Next FiveRICH (A)NM (H)GWS (A)??


The Lions got the points against Fremantle but there are still a few questions they need to answer before they can retake their place in the top half dozen teams.

Next FiveWCE (H)ADE (H)PA (H)??

10. (4) WEST COAST

It might turn out to be a harsh call but a loss against a team coming off 19 straight defeats requires serious reconsideration. The next three weeks loom as a serious test.

Last FiveHAW (L)ESS (W)GEE (L)MELB (W)GC (L)
Next FiveBL (A)PA (A)RICH (H)??

11. (12) SYDNEY

The jury is still out on the Swans after their heartbreaking loss to the Bombers at home on Sunday. The next three weeks will be intriguing.

Last FivePA (L)MELB (W)STK (W)ADE (W)ESS (L)
Next FiveNM (A)WB (H)MELB (H)??

12. (14) ST KILDA

There was something impressive about the way the Saints went about their business against the Bulldogs on Sunday night. A tough fortnight lies ahead but they will attack it full of confidence.

Last FiveFRE (W)CARL (L)SYD (L)NM (L)WB (W)
Next FiveCOLL (A)RICH (H)CARL (A)??


Despite the length in time between Round One and Round Two, the Bulldogs manged to produce almost identically poor performances in both matches. They now find themselves with a lot to do if they are to live up to pre-season expectations.

Next FiveGWS (H)SYD (A)NM (H)??

14. (17) MELBOURNE

Even in victory some genuine doubts remain over the Dees. Despite being Impressive early, their one point win over Carlton owed a lot to their opponents wastefulness late.

Next FiveESS (A)GEE (H)SYD (A)??

15. (13) CARLTON

Had their chances to pinch the points against Melbourne but, just like in Round One against Richmond, they were off the pace when the match was on the line. Unless they can manufacture an upset or two over the next fortnight it could be another season over before it begins for the Blues.

Next FiveGEE (A)ESS (A)STK (H)??

16. (15) FREMANTLE

A fifth consecutive defeat for the Dockers in Round Two but there was a lot to like in the way they went about their business against the Lions. Another big test for the next week against the Power before they round out their time in Queensland against the Suns and Crows.

Last FiveSTK (L)ESS (L)PA (L)ESS (L)BL (L)
Next FivePA (H)GC (A)ADE (A)??

17. (18) GOLD COAST

After 19 consecutive losses, the Suns couldn’t have been any more impressive in beating the Eagles at Metricon. Remarkably, despite only one win in their last 20 starts, they could start favourites against Adelaide next week.

Last FiveCOLL (L)HAW (L)GWS (L)PA (L)WCE (W)
Next FiveADE (H)FRE (H)GEE (A)??

18. (16) ADELAIDE

It wasn’t so much the loss but the manner in which the Crows succumbed to Port Adelaide that will cause Matthew Knicks the most angst. With three weeks on the Gold Coast ahead of them, unless they can find some backbone, their season could be all but over by the time they return home.

Last FiveWCE (L)COLL (L)WB (L)SYD (L)PA (L)
Next FiveGC (A)BL (A)FRE (H)??

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