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AFL 2020: Power Rankings after Round Nine

There were some big statments made by teams in Round Nine, what effect did they have on The Pinch Hitters AFL Power Rankings?


Were pushed all the way by Geelong but found a way to win the high quality encounter at Optus Stadium. Now have five wins in a row and a whole lot of momentum behind them.

Next FiveCARL (H)HAW (H)???


Made light work of the Bombers and will now look to test themselves against the premiers.

Last FivePA (W)GEE (L)GWS (W)MELB (W)ESS (W)
Next FiveRICH (A)WB (H)NM (A)?

3. (4) ST KILDA

The Saints were tested at times by the Swans before blowing them away late. Having spent the last decade in the doldrums, question marks persist.

Last FiveCARL (W)FRE (L)ADE (W)PA (W)SYD (W)
Next FiveGC (A)GEE (A)ESS (H)??

4. (11) RICHMOND

A big statement made by the premiers against the Bulldogs, setting themselves up nicely for matches against teams 1 & 2 on the ladder.

Last FiveMELB (W)SYD (W)NM (W)GWS (L)WB (W)
Next FiveBL (H)PA (A)GC (H)??


Made light work of the Demons on the Gold Coast, but a tricky trio of matches lie ahead.

Next FiveWB (H)RICH (H)GEE (A)??

6. (9) GWS

Back to back wins has the Giants back in the mix.

Last FiveHAW (W)PA (L)BL (L)RICH (W)GC (W)
Next FiveESS (A)SYD (A)???


All bark and no bite, the Bulldogs struggle when challenged.

Last FiveNM (W)CARL (L)ESS (W)GC (W)RICH (L)
Next FivePA (A)BL (A)ADE (H)??

8. (3) GEELONG

There can be a fine line between glory and despair and the Cats found the wrong side of it on Saturday night.

Last FiveGC (W)BL (W)COLL (L)FRE (W)WCE (L)
Next FiveNM (H)STK (H)PA (H)??


There is a lot of fight in this young Dockers team.

Next FiveHAW (H)CARL (H)???

10. (10) ESSENDON

As well positioned as they might be for a crack at a position in the eight, the Bombers are a long way off the teams that will genuinely contend for this years premiership.

Last FiveCOLL (W)NM (W)WB (L)ADE (W)BL (L)
Next FiveGWS (H)GC (A)STK (A)??

11. (6) CARLTON

Impressive for 20 minutes in Round Nine, the Blues were completely horrible every minute afterwards.

Last FiveSTK (L)WB (W)PA (L)NM (W)HAW (L)
Next FiveWCE (A)FRE (A)???


As disappointing as the result was against the Dockers, the way it was achieved is what will rankle Nathan Buckley the most. The Magpies desire for the footy was a long way off that of their opposition.

Last FiveESS (L)HAW (W)GEE (W)WCE (L)FRE (L)
Next FiveSYD (H)ADE (A)MELB (A)??

13. (12) MELBOURNE

Once again shown to be a long way off the pace against quality opposition.

Last FiveRICH (L)GC (W)HAW (W)BL (L)PA (L)
Next FiveADE (A)NM (A)COLL (H)??

14. (16) HAWTHORN

Looked shot to ribbons after 20 minutes but broke their losing streak by winning in a canter.

Next FiveFRE (A)WCE (A)???


Super impressive against the bottom placed Crows. How will they go against a team that knows how to play?

Next FiveGEE (A)MELB (H)BL (H)??

16. (14) SYDNEY

Didn’t die wondering against the Saints but the class difference was evident by the time the final siren rang.

Last FiveWCE (L)RICH (L)GC (L)HAW (W)STK (L)
Next FiveCOLL (A)GWS (H)???

17. (13) GOLD COAST

We agree with Stuart Dew that they aren’t as bad as they were last year but they have had a pretty bad month.

Last FiveGEE (L)MELB (L)SYD (W)WB (L)GWS (L)
Next FiveSTK (H)ESS (A)RICH (A)??

18. (18) ADELAIDE

After two improved performances, the Crows saved their worst effort for the game considered their best chance to win.

Last FiveFRE (L)WCE (L)STK (L)ESS (L)NM (L)
Next FiveMELB (H)COLL (H)WB (A)??

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