AFL 2020: GWS – Midseason Report Card

What are we supposed to make of the Giants efforts in 2020? Bozza does his best to do just that and grade their first nine games.

What on earth are we supposed to make of the Giants efforts in 2020? A team that has carried high expectations for a long time have been up and down and all over the shop so far this year. Despite this, they sit inside the eight with less than half the season to go. How has Bozza graded their first nine games?

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What’s gone right

It is fair to say that almost everything that happens once they get the ball inside forward fifty has gone right for the Giants this year. They are the competition’s most efficient team when it comes to scoring per forward entries. This has been incredibly important for Leon Cameron’s men because it is arguably the main reason why they are still in the premiership race.

Much like their run to the Grand Final in 2019, the Giants have been outstanding this year when their backs have been the wall. Twice this year they have recovered from poor runs to beat big opposition to stay in touch with the leading teams. These wins over Collingwood and Richmond, may not have been the prettiest of victories they have this year but they may be the difference between them having a seat at the table or not come finals time.

What’s gone wrong

While their ability to score when they get inside 50 has saved their bacon in 2020, their inability to get it in there has been almost as equally costly. The worst team for forward entries, they will need to improve in this area if they are to genuinely compete come finals time.

Injuries to key personnel has cruelled them this season. Their most influential player Toby Greene has missed important games and the likes of Zac Williams, Tim Taranto, Callan Ward and Sam Taylor have also spent more time in the grandstands than they would like.

Standout player

Nick Haynes

The continued emergence of Haynes has been a positive for the Giants in 2020. One of the competition’s leading intercept and rebound defenders he has been outstanding week in and week out while many of his team mates have struggled for consistency. Has to be a lock for All-Australian selection this season after he was overlooked in 2019.

Run home

Rd 10EssendonMetricon Stadium
Rd 12SydneyOptus Stadium
Rd 13West CoastOptus Stadium
?St Kilda?

With just two games against teams currently in the top eight, the Giants must be relatively pleased with their run home. While they still need to win the games, they have the best possible draw for a run at a top four position.

Final Grade


Five and four is below expectations for a team with genuine flag ambitions but after a tough draw, just two games behind first, they are well placed for a charge at a top four position.

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