Collingwood Commentary: Signs of life?

Collingwood couldn’t get the points in their clash with the Giants but there were glimpses of hope. Resident Magpie Jai, gives his fan-sided take on Saturday’s encounter.

The Pies took on the Giants and it wasn’t as painful as was expected. Unless you were Tim Broomhead, in fact, there were some very good signs.

Many times throughout the game it looked as though the Pies were the dominant side and against a team thought to be a flag contender. This was a good feeling. The end didn’t go the way Pies nor their supporters would have liked but we had less to whinge about this week than the previous.

Jeremy Howe has found form and he’ll need to keep it up. It’s what the fans want. Pendles, Phillips and Grundy were all pretty handy too.
Sidebottom did his part, as is the norm and Treloar, Adams and a few others are working better together now as well. Scharenberg and Murray impressed during the night’s play. Each doing enough to be noticed.
All in all, Collingwood looked more like a team and if we keep improving at this rate, look out! (Right?)

The Broomhead incident wasn’t fun to watch and it seemed to have a Koschitzke feel about it, being that his awareness was lacking. The ball was well over already and while we can admire his commitment we can question his thought process. Hope he heals well.

The Pies’ supporters were afforded the chance to dream. Dream that we are not as bad as everyone thinks. Dream that we might sneak our way into the finals. Dream that we may, at least, see some decent footy by our boys and the weekends will be worth looking forward to.

Still, the proof will remain in the pudding until we get a few Ws in the win column. It would be handy if anyone has a forward or two lying around that we could use. Ours all seem to be broken. I could hang around a goal square if needed? I can mark better than Cox, surely…

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