Collingwood Commentary: Four Points makes everything feel better

Four Points at last!! Our man Jai gives us his fan sided take on Collingwood’s opening win of 2018.

Four points feels better! Buckley, I’m sure, would think so too. A win is a win and whilst it could’ve been better, best to take it as it is. Our start was a bit ordinary and most of the last quarter could be greatly improved. There are always possible improvements in any match and there were several I saw but we have improved in many areas and should (hopefully) continue to do so. It’s a far better spectacle when we look like a team.

It’s also far better when your oversized forward (I can say that. He’s only an inch or two taller than me…) plucks a few and he’s only going to get better, right?

Being that we’re short on forwards I like when the ones we have left do their part. We’re searching to find goals from everyone or anyone. This week we found a fair few. I like how we can expect Hoskin-Elliot who kicked 3 to kick accurately, something we’ve missed for a long time. As well as 5 goals from Josh Thomas. Which was also promising. Good stuff Pies.

Sidebottom’s tackle being looked at is one of the reasons I’m losing interest in our once proud and revered game. Soon there’ll be frees awarded for hurt feelings or 5 minutes in the ‘safe place box’. Fingers crossed on that one. Who can tell these days? His 34 touches were handy as usual and included 3 goals of his own.

Grundy can keep doing what he’s doing. We like it. Don’t change.
Treloar again shows class and had help from Crisp and Adams.
Pendles was quiet but tackled anything that came near him with 12 tackles.

Defensive pressure showed signs of being impenetrable in clumps but not consistently. Once we fix those little mistakes and bad decisions our back line will be up there with the best.

As a team we have an improving back line, an awesome midfield and an injured forward line and still made the best of what we had. That’s gotta be encouraging in so many ways. I’m encouraged. Look how much my attitude has changed since our round one clash. Keep improving.

The next few games won’t be walks in the park either. Go hard Pies. Let them know we’re serious!


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