Collingwood Commentary: Is that better than beating Carlton?

There may not be much better than beating Carlton but Adelaide in Adelaide is pretty damn close.

What’s better than beating Carlton? Not much, really. Although beating the Crows on their home deck when they are meant to be flag favourites (or thereabouts) is pretty bloody close! What a performance by the lads…

I have even heard a few blokes are putting money on Grundy for the Brownlow already! While I haven’t gone that far myself, yet, he played like a legend. He may just be coming into his prime. If there is more to come it’ll be crazy. 33 possies, 12 clearances of his own and 40 hit outs. I look forward to more. A man possessed. Continue leading from the bounce fine sir.

With Grundy greedily using the ball too often, how did Sidebottom get a chance at his 43 touches and Treloar his 36. A total of 34 clearnces amongst these three blokes. Treloar got himself 11 tackles to top off a very handy day at the office.

A team effort with Pendles going okay and plenty of blokes with 20-25 touches of their own. Our back line had a bit of a rest this week being that the ball couldn’t get up there much but that’s a well earned rest.

We’re still finding goals from everywhere as well. Young Stephenson snagged 5 and Josh Thomas and Hoskin-Elliot a couple each. With so many forwards missing these blokes are making themselves known. It will be hard at selection in the coming weeks. A good problem to have. Positive signs all the way to Adelaide and back. Did I mention we smashed one of the flag faves? If we can beat Adelaide away, we’re capable of winning anywhere against anyone, right?

I wanted the Pies to show they were serious this year and I think they’ve done that now. Now to just keep it up. Carn the Pies!
Now to beat the Bombers on Anzac Day. We can do it but it’s always a big one. Let’s just make sure of it and hopefully we’ve added another 4 points by day’s end.

Oh, and obviously Bucks is laughing at present at all of us that were disheartened with him. He did lull a lot of haters into a false sense of security but he’s also unlulled them now. Good on him. Fair bump. Play on!


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