Collingwood Commentary: So this is what the Top Eight feels like

Here come the Pies! We DO have bigger tests to come in future weeks but I’m sure the feeling around the club must be a good one at present. Three in a row is always handy and sitting 5th after Round One and Two losses is not a bad comeback at all. Better if you remember that everyone had written us off after the Hawks got up in what I like to call a warm-up game. Even some of our own supporters. In a way, it’s helped spark something and turn it around. The Pies are looking like a real team and it’s glorious.

Very nice to have depth to rely on too considering the blokes we are missing. It’s been quite pleasing to watch the boys in the last few rounds and I look forward to more of it. Luckily enough we were spared a hard and gruelling bout on Wednesday. We need to back up after four days so it’s nice of the Bombers to look after us in that regard. Cheers guys.

What started as goal for goal in the first quarter became a steadily built 49 point win. While it might have taken a little while for the boys to sort it out, once halftime had come along, the Bombers looked like they were done and dusted going as far as arguing amongst themselves. Better for us and maybe Goddard and Zaharakis are married to each other? Who knows? While they were distractedly bickering, we were forging on. Everything going along nicely.

A couple of late last quarter goals made the score slightly more respectable for the bedraggled Bombers but we had done a fair job at keeping them out of it. Our kicking could have and should have been far straighter. We will need to sort that out or against the good outfits, it will cost us. Though, what could have been won’t matter if we can sneak by the Tigers on Sunday.

Treloar, I think, deserved the medal with his 34 possessions and a couple of goals and familiar names helping him out again. With Pendles, Phillips, de Goey and Sidebottom all up there in the stats. Sidebottom snagging 3 straight and Cox, Hoskin-Eliott and Stephenson all getting two but missing all too often as well. There were at least half a dozen that went begging.

While Essendon’s top possession getters had the ball more often their use of it was poorly, more often than our guys. Our pressure was good to see in all sections of the ground most of the time. There were a couple of mistakes that were a bit ordinary and would cost against a better side too. Something to tighten up.

Grundy went well again but was probably saving himself a bit for Sunday. I like Dunn and Howe keeping things quiet up their end. Daniher did more harm than good overall and I also really like Scharenberg, Murray and Langdon and the boys bringing it out of defence. When it all goes to plan we look a force. Let’s just keep going the way we’re going. Move up that ladder Pies.

Taking on Richmond on Sunday after four minutes break while the Tiges get a four and a half minute break (which doesn’t seem much but could be the difference) will be a challenge. Let’s hope it’s one that we’re up for. It would definitely silence a few critics and be a massive stepping-stone to being there when it matters. I won’t mention it by name yet because nobody wants that sort of pressure but you know what I mean… Go Pies!

And Oh Look! We’re in the eight for the first time in 2and a half years!!


COLLINGWOOD      4.4    6.9    8.14     14.17 (101)
ESSENDON              3.3    4.4     4.9          7.10 (52)

Collingwood: Sidebottom 3, Treloar 2, Hoskin-Elliott 2, Stephenson 2, Cox 2, De Goey, Reid, Phillips
Essendon: Stringer 2, Daniher, Stewart, Heppell, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Hooker

Collingwood: Pendlebury, Sidebottom, Treloar, Grundy, Dunn, Howe
Essendon: Hurley, Heppell, Z.Merrett, Zaharakis

Collingwood: Nil
Essendon: Begley (knee), Green (hamstring)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Deboy, Hosking, Chamberlain

Official crowd: 91,440 at the MCG

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