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I am not sure whats more pain full for a die hard Essendon fan. A trip to the dentist for a route canal or having to sit through Anzac day on the wing of our beloved great southern stand with Collingwood fans all around you cheering and screaming their lungs out as they pile on the goals against our woeful bombers. Worse yet when Mason Cox starts taking marks as the game is dead and buried they start comparing him to the greatest forwards who have ever played the game. Please I will take a route canal any day, better yet no need for the numbing antiseptic either.

John Worsfold what has happened ? Where is this so champagne football ?

Are you giving too much credit to the intelligence of our players ? I think so.

I am not pressing the panic button like some on his coaching as yet. I do though want to see how he can get us back up after some very disappointing performances over the last few weeks. Can he rally the troops, can he bring in players to freshen up the side, has he created depth on our list, has he got a plan B, C and D. Lets wait and see before we ridicule him.

Joe Dainher is so out of form its getting to the stage where all of us fans are starting to believe they may be no way of coming back from it. Our over reliance on him now is hurting the whole team and we keep persisting to kick it to him when he is constantly wanting a free kick or he is always trying to take mark of the year and not do the basics. Then when he does mark it and he either tries to handball it off or he then tries to kick for goal and his percentage for kicking at goal has to be lower than 30%. It is probably at 30% because he shifts his body around and snaps it through. Where is Matthew Lloyd by the way ??? After watching the legend ply his trade for 270 games and making it look so easy and now having to watch Joe Daniher …its absolutely killing us all. Get on the phone Woosha and call him.. press the panic button and get him down there. You are relying on this potential superstar to carry us into our next premiership window and he is not, he is taking us back wards.

Brendon Goddard was very vocal against the pies and rightly so, I am sick to death of hearing everyone tell me or write about how he went over the top. Lets just start with a NO he didn’t go over the top. He had every right to be angry. just as I was walking to Richmond station after the game and looking around me and seeing all those bomber fans hurting after the loss. Its not a good sight. I want answers, I want reasons why we lost, everyone around me does too. Not the standard, yeah the players didn’t follow our procedures and structures and we are disappointed we lost, we are a spirited group and we need to bounce back next week. We will get on the training track and do the basics and we will review the video and we are confident in getting the 4 points. No I don”t want to hear that, I want to hear they are hurting and that paint is being stripped off the walls in the club rooms. I want to see what I saw with Goddard more often, I want to see they are hurting as much as I am.

Spraying his team mates cause he has a high expectation of them is good, he is 32 and he got so close to a premiership and he knows how hard it is to get there and how quickly the window of opportunity can close. If he cant tell you a home truth then no one can. These guys get paid very well and just like at any work place if you are failing to follow instructions you deserve to get a spray or you get fired or performance managed it should come with the job.

The modern day players seem to be precious in the AFL, but I have sat in rooms after a loss at a local level, where I have heard the coach rip through players in front of your team mates tell them that they wont be receiving their match day payments cause they embarrassed the club their family and all the fans that came out to watch them. You think that has been said to them in their rooms, probably not. We are more interested about how Goddard gives a match day spray as a leader of the club and how he knocks some pretzels off the table after a dismal first half showing against GWS. I know he is hurting as much as I am and I know he will give a good response in a interview when he gets asked the hard questions.

Thanks Goddard for showing us Bomber fans you wear your heart on your sleeve and you get white line fever when you cross that line.

As for the rest of the group, lets hope we can bounce back against Melbourne and show our fans that we are going forward and not back wards.

Good to see Matt Guelfi a.k.a Guile from street fighter

Image result for guile street fighter

come in last week against Port Adelaide and not look out of place for the Bombers in the senior line up, very good user of the ball lots of courage and he seems like a steal to snap him up at pick 76 in last years draft. Awesome work to the Bombers recruiters.


COLLINGWOOD 4.4 6.9 8.14 14.17 (101)
ESSENDON 3.3 4.4 4.9 7.10 (52)

Collingwood: Sidebottom 3, Treloar 2, Hoskin-Elliott 2, Stephenson 2, Cox 2, De Goey, Reid, Phillips
Essendon: Stringer 2, Daniher, Stewart, Heppell, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Hooker

Collingwood: Pendlebury, Sidebottom, Treloar, Grundy, Dunn, Howe
Essendon: Hurley, Heppell, Z.Merrett, Zaharakis

Collingwood: Nil
Essendon: Begley (knee), Green (hamstring)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Deboy, Hosking, Chamberlain

Official crowd: 91,440 at the MCG

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