Collingwood Commentary: Hot Pies Freeze Dees

Our Resident Pie is back with his take on the Queens Birthday.

FOUR in a row feels pretty good! 

We were expected to take the points against a struggling St Kilda but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a job to do. We did it by enough that the last quarter felt comfortable. The Doggies game was a little worrying for the first half but we sorted ourselves out and got the job done again. Freo were less resilient, with only a quarter of uncertainty then we ran away with some percentage to add to the equation.

The win against Melbourne has been my favourite so far. Just a few weeks ago I couldn’t see anyone beating them but I AM glad is was the mighty Pies. Not just a win either, a nice comfortable victory with some more to add to the percentage side of things. 

Cox has worked out how to use his arms which is awesome to watch. Nobody gets close when he hits the ball at his maximum reach and he will become even more a valuable weapon in the future. (There goes the salary cap in a couple of years because clubs will throw money at him…) 8 marks and 5 goals was very handy and included roving pick-ups and snapshots. It was a brilliant little highlight package from our American mate. 

Ever reliable Hoskin-Elliot got himself 4 as well and has kicked at least one goal in every match this year. Stephenson kicked 4 too and one of his was laying down, relaxing. Show off! Thomas was our other multiple goal scorer with 3 of his own. 

The Pies kicked 20.13 for the match and doesn’t it look so much better when we are accurate in front of goal? I know I enjoy it far more.

De Goey looks threatening every time he’s near the ball and he picked up 30 touches. You never know what’s gonna happen when he has it but you slide a little bit forward in your seat, just in case. Sidebottom and Treloar both grabbed 32 disposals each but I think as a group we really shared it around and it felt like a team win. Everyone doing their bit to make the Pies into the destructive force we all saw on Monday.  

Daniel Wells. Bugger. It looks bad. It looks so bad that we might not see him return. Unfortunate for him and the team. Goes to show no matter how much you nurse a bloke it doesn’t mean shit won’t happen. Good luck Wellsy.

My favourite part of the game? 

Dunny running back, flat stick, to stop a certain goal. Never thought he was gonna keep up with a much smaller and faster looking Demon. Not only did he keep up but he stifled an easy Melbourne opportunity. Brilliant.

Going in to the break 8 and 4 with a percentage of 118ish… Who would’ve picked that after a terrible round one meeting with the Hawks. Now we are looking the goods and coming into our own at the serious end of the season. We can dare to dream of finals and silverware. Maybe only little dreams for now but it’s all heading where we’d like it to be heading. Buckley is loving it I’m guessing. 

All of us doubting him early on had good reason to doubt but now we have reason to back him to finals and beyond. He showed us! As is his job and he should… and finally IS. 

A nice little break will refresh a few of the blokes that are tired and give our injured blokes a chance to heal. Then the Pies can come out ready for anything and continue the ladder climb. The first 2 or 3 games after the break are all winnable games. Then bring on the Eagles at the MCG.

Go Pies!


MELBOURNE              2.0       7.2       11.5     14.7 (91)
COLLINGWOOD          5.5       9.9       15.11   20.13 (133)

 T.McDonald 6, Hannan 2, Harmes, Fritsch, Neal-Bullen, Gawn, Viney, Oliver
Collingwood: Cox 5, Hoskin-Elliott 4, Stephenson 4, Thomas 3, Pendlebury, Mihocek, Adams, Treloar

T.McDonald, Jetta, Oliver, Smith, Jones
Collingwood: De Goey, Cox, Adams, Hoskin-Elliott, Sidebottom, Treloar

Melbourne: O.McDonald (concussion), Jetta (shoulder)
Collingwood: Wells (foot)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Donlon, Haussen, Findlay 

Official crowd: 83,518 at the MCG


2 thoughts on “Collingwood Commentary: Hot Pies Freeze Dees

  1. Report was absolutely spot on except for the part where you said “all of us doubting Bucks had good reason to”. I knew we were capable of playing this sort of footy when I saw short bursts of it last year and 2016. Problem was we had so many young inexperienced players plugging gaps because of injuries and they were not strong enough to keep it going for more than 2 qtrs each game. This year all these younger players are bigger, stronger and have more experience to play the game Buckley has wanted them to play. That is why he kept recruiting mids and small forwards instead of tall forwards and backs. I have supported what Bucks has been trying to do for 3 years. Let’s hope we keep it going and don’t get ruined by too many injuries again.

    1. Hi Nigel, thanks for taking the time to read the article and your considered response.
      Where we disagree a little is that while you are quite positive about what Bucks has tried to do in the last 3 years, it forgets the fact he has been in the chair for seven. Injuries obviously play a detrimental role in a team’s success but they don’t make us play the boundaries or kick backwards too often. This is what had the doubters doubting.

      That said, whether we knew it was going to turn out this way all along, or doubted that it would, we can still all enjoy the footy that the team is producing at the minute.

      Go Pies!!

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